Israel Misinformation on Ground Attack Before Tunnel Bombing

The Israel Defense Forces deliberately mislead the foreign press that Israeli troops had entered the Gaza Strip the previous night during a massive bombardment of a large Hamas bunker complex in order to trick the terror group into sending operatives into the line of Israeli fire.

There is speculation that a two hour false report was designed to convince Hamas that an Israeli ground invasion was at least potentially occurring in northern Gaza, prompting the terror group to send some of its reconnaissance troops and anti-tank guided missile teams out to confront the Israeli troops.

The expectation was that the Hamas troops would go into the tunnel network to emerge behind and around Israeli ground troops.

160 israeli aircraft flew simultaneously conducted a massive attack on the network of tunnels, dug by the Hamas terror group under the northern Gaza Strip, the army said. According to the IDF, in this air campaign, which lasted nearly 40 minutes, some 450 missiles were dropped on 150 targets in northern Gaza, particularly around the city of Beit Lahiya. In all, 80 tons of explosives were used.

It is unknown how much damage was done to the tunnels and Hamas.

SOURCES- Times of Israel
Written by Brian Wang

9 thoughts on “Israel Misinformation on Ground Attack Before Tunnel Bombing”

  1. Two for one.
    Not only did this serve the immediate tactical goal of misleading one enemy group (Hamas), it also serves the long term strategic goal of reducing trust and cooperation between the two enemy groups (Hamas and the MSM).

  2. Seems only fair, the Palestinians have been running misinformation campaigns with the media's active cooperation for years, about time the Israelis gave it a try.

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