Israeli-Palestinian Ground Battle Started

Israeli Defense Forces were fighting Palestinian forces on the ground. They have not yet entered the Gaza strip.

Hamas has fired hundreds of missiles at various Israeli cities (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Yahud, Ashkelon). Israel has responded with hundreds of air strikes and now ground forces. So far there have been over 100 Palestinian deaths and 8 Israeli.

The IDF hit the home of a top Hamas commander, Hamas’s intelligence headquarters, two attack tunnels that came near the security barrier and rocket production and storage sites. Hamas leader Bassem Issa, and other senior military officials were killed in the attacks. Israeli security reported that the head of rocket development and cyber warfare, the head of rocket production and the Hamas engineering chief were also killed.

Over 850 rockets were launched from Gaza into Israel on 12 May. According to the IDF, at least 200 rockets launched by Hamas failed to reach Israel and fell inside the Gaza Strip.

Israel has its Iron Dome anti-missile system which intercepts most Hamas missiles.

Israel’s Iron Dome batteries each have 20 anti-missile missiles. Radar detects rockets and if computers determine that a missile is headed for a populated area then an anti-missile is fired. Each battery has a range of about 45 miles.

The last conflict was in 2014. (2014 Gaza War.) In 2014 there were about 2100-2300 deaths on the Palestinian side and 73 on the Israeli. The conflict lasted seven weeks.

SOURCES- Jerusalem Post, IDF, Wikipedia
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Ah… now who is the one commenter on this board who regularly claims that AGI and associated tech singularity will be achieved this decade?
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  2. Actually, Predators have started being phased out by now, replaced by more modern drones such as the Reaper.

  3. The Romans had particular issues with the Jews even before the time of Christ.

    Unlike just about all the other people conquered, accepted, assimilated, un-equally-allied, and otherwise joined into the Roman Republic/Empire, the Jews were NOT willing to bow down and public proclaim worship for the Roman Pagan Gods (including the Roman Emperors).

    For all the Celts and Egyptians etc it was apparently no big deal. They already acknowledged dozens of gods, major and minor, and demigods, and great spirit beings etc. what was a few more? But the Jews (and later Christians) were not going to go along with that at all.

    But in Rome, worship of the Gods was a political act. Especially the deified emperors. So this was straight political defiance.

  4. Oil and electricity are not substitutable at this point. Even if we had free electricity we'd still need oil for another decade or two while people change over to electric vehicles.

  5. People have been trying to eliminate the Jewish people for centuries! It hasn't worked. It will not work. The Jews are going to continue to exist, as will their enemies. Peace? Not likely.

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  7. US should invest more in fusion and some moonshots energy generation projects(like for example beaming power from space using solar panels), with working Starship, stuff like solar panels and all infra to make such
    project workable can be launched cheaply into orbit. All that can solve
    this energy scarcity problem once and for all, US and world in general can stop worrying about oil and also middle east region.

  8. Complete pull out of the Middle East. No more wasting money on garrisoning the area to ensure the flow of oil for oil companies, no more aid, no more weapons deals. Nothing. Stop enabling the nonsense.

  9. agreed – but, baby steps. Real peace comes from industriousness and a belief that your culture has something more valuable than history and pride – France has been through much 'comparatively' but appears to have a worthwhile identity and an honest desire to work at it. The Swiss, like europeans above the North Sea, are outliers living in very specific conditions — cultures based on isolation and dramatic histories may not translate to middle east 'values'.

  10. Fascinating. The anger. The cascades of resentment and rage. The seething jealousy and envy. A kind of glaring cultural impotence; acting out from a lifetime of chaos andunderachievement. A form of delusion from self-imposed victimhood and lack of strong moral compass to seek common purpose or empathy. A distinct short-coming of well-articulated grievance that would allow discussion and resolution. Like savages baying at the moon at some slight or disturbance to the simple order which has been held sacrosanct. But with emotional outpouring and fearful lashing comes the time for reconsidering of the barking and gnashing. The time to look upon the targets of vitriole and hatred; to see the response; to see the indifference; to see the pity and apathy. This now brings the humility. Now is the period of taking note of the true circumstances and to rebuild yourself. To find peace in your place and community – to do what is productive and eschew that which is openly emotional and purposeless.

  11. He's not trying to make sense or convince anyone. This isn't even emotional expression for him. He's just trying to be offensive.

    Oh look, he threw an extra 'kkk' into his name. *yawn*

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  12. Yes, because France is in *such* a good state right now…

    Perhaps Switzerland is a better model.

  13. There is at least one inaccuracy there.
    7000 years?
    Jews as a separate ethnicity didn't start until about 3000 years ago.
    I think the hatred of Jews (more than standard interethnic resentments) started with Christian resentment of the Jews for not accepting Jesus as the Messiah, & then continued with Muslim resentment for them not accepting Mohammed as a prophet.

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  15. good luck. better that business leaders and academic role models lure away the mobs to a more producitve existence

  16. Maybe there would be some progress if the people living in Gaza cared about learning as much as they do about launching unguided missiles at their neighbor.

    I'm old enough to remember when Ariel Sharon left Gaza in the hopes that peace could follow.

  17. well they managed to saute about 3 – 8M of them about 80 years ago otherwise there would be more.

  18. Of course it was a misinformation campaign to get terrorist out of the ground where they can be targeted. It had a partial success.
    With much improved rocket launching abilities, The terrorist organizations in Gaza are in a position to create create deterrence against Israel, just like Hezbollah in Lebanon was able to. To prevent this, Israel must continue hitting the infrastructure of its weapons and storage facilities in Gaza on an ongoing basis so that terrorist organizations cannot re-arm themselves. Armed response will be met with terrorists assassinations.

  19. "Total lost cause?" "Humans and their petty conflicts???" Words of mental midgets who do not know or understand history! For 7000 years, various nations, races, and religions have been induced to try and wipe out the Jews, and all of them have failed. That has to tell you something. In 1949, when Israel was brought back into existence, 13 Muslim nations promptly set out to destroy them again, but they failed. In 67' they got their heads handed to them again. And in 73', again, up onto this very day… The Israelis never attacked their neighbors unless attacked first! The current fight for Jewish survival is against Iran, a nation using America's mental midget leaders to get nuclear weapons (ask yourself for why?) The entire region was brought under control by President Trump, but the GOP and Democrat elites got the message from their Chinese Communist controllers to push Trump out, and so they did. Here we go again. When Obama and Hilary unleashed their "Arab Spring" upon the world it set the entire Middle East ablaze. During Trump's presidency there was not only relative peace, but Arab nations were lining up to make peace with Israel!!! Now the amateur Leftists are back with their insane reset buttons, and we have open warfare again. See the truth! Perhaps, it is time for Americans to learn what happens when you hand the reigns of power over to a pack of Fortune 500 Marxists Democrats and "Republican in Name only" Crooks…

  20. Unless we find and eliminate that in us which is holding us back. Gene for a big tent humanity, maybe? We already set ourselves apart from other hominids by the size and abstract nature of our 'tribes'.

  21. Unless as Snazster says, aliens don't really exist or they aren't more complex than lichens and bacteria (my favorite hypothesis).

    Or they are so far away as to not really matter.

    In that case, it would be us, warts and all, who will be the ones bringing the tapestry of complex life and sentience to the universe.

    Yes, seeing these events, that sounds unlikely. But not all humans are currently concerned about who owns a certain piece of land or what heavenly Paleolithic warlord they worship, albeit a fair number still are.

    But my hunch is that if such future of life expansion happens, it will be with us bringing the same parochial concerns wherever we go. Gods and tribalism are just part of us.

  22. You might want to learn more about the history here before tossing grand dismissive takes around. One of the parties, Israel, was founded by a secular movement, and exactly 0/9 of its prime ministers have been religious. The Arab side was not particularly entwined with Islamism until the rise of Hamas in the late 80s. It isn't just religious sites that are at play, but land for living, farming, raising children. People with conflicting claims on that land are going to fight over it, out of simple self-interest.

  23. Except that, odds are overwhelming that you aren't even out there.

    Which means everything we can see (barring constraints imposed by the speed of light and cosmic expansion) is ours for the taking — but we are stuck here on this dust mote where there are so many supposedly sentient beings trying to kill each other over disagreements on things like which hand God intended for them to wipe themselves with.

    We may need to change our definition of "sentient being" to something more like "a sentient being is defined by sentient behavior, not by DNA."

  24. We don't interfere, but judging by your current rate of technological progress, you should solve poverty problem by the end of this decade. Exponential growth of technology and science is universal phenomenon. Figuring out what you call Artificial General Intelligence will transcend your civilization from infant stage into teenager stage. Our calculations tell us you should achieve it by 2030, to be more precise, between 2021-2025.

  25. I remember an article on NBF about research done on seemingly never ending conflicts and what finally ended them, often multiple generations after it started. I think the sad conclusion was that everyone alive during the conflict must die and be replaced by people not contaminated by the conflict. Not only that but all people who ever had any direct contact with anyone alive during the conflict must also die before hatred subsides. Basically – people never change.

  26. some would argue poverty brings hate and division and the clinging to very orthodox versions of religion .. but tech brings likely choice and opportunity — slide a few techno-miracles our way…

  27. Up to the religious leaders to rein in their flocks and lead them to tolerance, open and productive lives; modernizing and industrious.

  28. agreed. The local aligning countries need to help and support the fragmented and disillusioned to a more stable daily existence. Work more, pray less. Get a hobby – start to build a more balanced existence – rather than this obsessive historically-driven 'cultish' feuding.

  29. Total lost cause. Irreconciable differences. All who truly care about peace and productivity have left the area long ago, both sides. The remainder are the zealots and the broken who have nothing else – which is endless tinder for conflict. Like spoiled children, if they can't agree on control of a religious site, then no one can have it. Fence off and isolate all such areas so that none may access them. Depopulate the surrounding areas and redistribute. Remove religious-based primary education (the indoctrination zones) and create a more secular 'france-like' common culture. Religion should be a comforting presence not a segregating and stifling burden – so keep it out of public life.

  30. Humans and their petty conflicts
    Religion, nationalism, tribalism…trully pathetic

    And you're wondering why we are hiding from you and don't want to talk with you.
    We have nothing in common. That's why. When you will grow up and mature, then maybe we may become friends

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