Jetsuit Boarding of a Ship

Gravity Industries has demonstrated using a jet suit to help board a ship.

The person in a jet suit flies a few hundred meters onto a ship and then lowers a climbing rope for a boarding party.

This is the real-life enablement of the Mandalorian or Marvel’s Falcon.

Adam Savage also helped this team make a Titanium printed bullet proof iron man armor which can be combined with this real flying capability.

The suit can fly for 10-15 minutes at 20-85 mph.

Richard Browning, founded pioneering Aeronautical Innovation company, Gravity Industries in March 2017 to launch human flight into an entirely new era.

The Gravity #JetSuit​ uses over 1000bhp of Jet Engine power combined with natural human balance to deliver the most intense and enthralling spectacle, often likened to the real-life Ironman.

SOURCES- Gravity Industries
Written By Brian Wang,