Jetsuit SWAT Team

Netherlands Urban Intervention SOF team setup exercises to explore the tactical value of the Gravity Jet Suit. Rapid deployment and access to top cover positions, plus rapid relocation in pursuit of the threat, all in support of the ground team.

They seem to have added holsters and storage of the jet engine thrusters. This lets the pilot rapidly switch from flight to using an assault rifle or gun.

SOURCES – Gravity Industries
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. If you really need to move a human, it seems like you could design some kind of drone-pack. That way it's fly by wire and you can use some other method of directing it, keeping your hands free for the gun. Probably quieter that way too.

  2. I find the music in the sound track annoying, because it means I don't know what the real sounds were in this situation. I would like to know how noisy these things are really. How close can you get to an enemy before they hear your jet pack?

  3. Really, the only thing this has over a proper drone is that the drone is subject to jamming.

  4. You can't really sneak up on your enemies in that thing. And your hands are not free until you land and turn it off, which is a huge disadvantage. Hands and hand/eye coordination is what makes humans worthwhile. Remote operated, weaponized drones seem much safer and more efficient for the use case displayed in the video.

    It's also very easy to design a cheap anti-jet suit counter drone that homes in on the jet engine sound and IR. Then the suit is a death trap.

    I would look at use cases not involving lethal enemies. What can a human do that a drone can not? Something that requires hands and legs on the ground at hard to reach locations.

  5. In which we find out that Brian doesn't know the difference between a machine-gun and an assault-rifle, which are really very different. Especially when you are carrying one around.

  6. I first read that as Jesuit Swat Team. Which would be great, for certain classes of threat.

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