Near Term Pulsed Fusion Propulsion

The Limitless Space Institute had a report from its Interstellar Initiative Grant recipients. One of the presenters is from the University of Albama who are working on a sub-kilowatt system to generate nuclear fusion pulses for propulsion.

Dr. Jason Cassibry, an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and an assistant research professor at the UAH Propulsion Research Center (PRC), has been studying fusion and pulsed fission/fusion hybrid (PuFF) propulsion systems for 10 years in collaboration with his NASA colleagues.

They received a $143,000 inaugural Interstellar Initiative Grants award from the Limitless Space Institute (LSI).

They are working with a 60 kilojoule device that generates z-pinches. They are working on experiments that will generate neutrons and then optimize and improve the sensors and the pulse generating systems.

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