Paratroopers Not Obsolete So Jetsuits Matter

Parachute assaults have been the exception, rather than the rule but paratroopers are still useful.

Airborne troops are the first “boots on the ground” in any crisis. This could be major combat or humanitarian relief. A brigade of paratroopers can deploy into anywhere in the world in as little as 18 hours as part of the Pentagon’s Global Response Force. It can take days to unload a heavy-lift helicopter. There were bad runways in Iraq in 2003 which would prevent heavy aircraft from landing.

A US parachute drop was used in northern Iraq in 2003 and by French forces in Mali in 2013.

Helicopters give troops tactical mobility. Paratroopers have strategic mobility thanks to the Air Force. The Army’s standard heavy-lift helicopter, the Chinook, can carry 30 troops 200 miles. An aerial refueled C-17 cargo plane can drop more than a hundred paratroopers thousands of miles from their home station.

The argument has been made that a drone can do everything that a soldier with a Jetsuit. This is true if the goal is to kill a known target. However, having a soldier, commando or sniper in a good position to observe and adapt to the situation has many advantages.

A soldier in a Jetsuit will take up the same amount of space in a cargo plane as a soldier with a parachute. The soldier or commando in a Jetsuit would be able to avoid misdrops. They could fly 10-20 miles. If the Jetsuit had wings they would be able to fly 50-200 miles. The Jetsuit paratroopers could rapidly reposition by flying at 80mph.

The Gravity Industries Jetsuit costs $250,000. The components do not seem that expensive. Mass production could bring the cost down to $20,000 to $80,000 each. Military parachute gear can cost $3000 to 10,000 each.

The Jetsuited soldier will be able to fly to a new position on top of a building or on top of a ridge. People can say but you would be able to hear them fly. If there are many soldiers then being able to hear someone move behind trees or buildings would not matter. They would then have the best vantage point to snipe at the enemy.

The Jetsuited troops would be able to move 10 miles in minutes. This is how much a regular soldier might walk in one day over terrain.

This would not become very common. It might only be used by a small percentage of Navy seal teams. Most of the time the US would stick with overwhelming an enemy with troops carried in helicopters.

SOURCES – Gravity Industries, War is Boring
Written by Brian Wang,

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