Pentagon Admits to Regular Everyday UFO Encounters

Here are the disclosures that the US military regularly encounters unidentified flying objects. (UFO)

The new terms is unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP. there is a report due to Congress next month.

Pilots claim to see unidentified aerial phenomena everyday for a couple of years.

They have had confirmation with radar, infrared and on at least one occasion four military officers.

Military officers were on 60 Minutes claiming that the UAP encounters occurred in 2003, 2004, 2015, 2019 and many other dates. There are claims of hundreds of incidents.

This has been reported on the History Channel.

Pentagon has revived formal investigation of UAPs. There is now a UAP task force.

The government is admitting that it is real and the sensors indicate that the vehicle can travel at 13,000 mph without visible propulsion.

Marco Rubio asked for an unclassified report. Many in Congress are very interested in it.

There are unclassified photos and video that have been available publicly for over a year.

The public videos are some of the “least compelling” videos of the objects. There is one reportedly with the object 50 feet away from the cockpit.

The unidentified vehicles have been operating in military restricted airspace for decades.

Bob Lazar claims to have worked on a downed vehicle and that the vehicles can manipulate gravity.

SOURCES – 60 Minutes, Today, MSNBC, Joe Rogan
Written by Brian Wang,

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