Pro-UFO Witness Versus Skeptic Mick West

Lex Fridman interviewed David Fravor. David Fravor is a navy pilot of 18 years and a primary witness in one of the major UFO sightings.

The Tic Tac video and encounter is described by David Fravor.

David Fravor addressed some of the points made by skeptic Mick West and Mick West addressed those points.

The disagreements are over the size of the object. David Fravor says his experience tells him the object was 40 feet in size. He judged that based on looking over F-18 Hornets many times. David felt it was that sized object in the Tic Tac (FLir1) video.

David Fravor believes that the object then accelerated away at 13000 mph. Mick West notes that the camera was tracking the object at one-quarter of a degree per second. The object leaves at one-quarter degree per second. Mick West proposes that the camera stopped tracking and the object kept moving at one-quarter of a degree per second. There is also disagreement of the gimbal mounting and tracking.

The 2004 USS Nimitz aircraft carrier incident gave us the FLIR1 video. Two pilots, David Fravor and Alex Dietrich, repeat a story they (mostly Fravor) have been telling for over a decade. Lauded as the greatest UFO encounter of all time. The one blurry video has been consistently misinterpreted (including by Fravor) as showing rapid motion. There are accounts of unusual radar returns showing rapid motion, but unfortunately there’s no solid evidence for these, and the account has changed somewhat since it first appeared in a bizarre short science-fiction story written by the chief radar operator in 2008.

Dietrich and Fravor describe an encounter and short dog-fight with a “Tic-Tac” shaped craft. This is perhaps the most compelling story, and one that’s difficult to explain. But their accounts don’t exactly line up, and I suspect that they saw the same thing, but both had different illusions of motion based on parallax. Unfortunately, the passage of time might mean we will never know what they saw.

Mick West theory is that the other object was another jet aircraft. Mick West goes over the 60 minutes investigation of UFOs.

David Fravor goes over why he feels he is right. He dismisses the Go Fast video (a different video) bird theory based upon the object being cooler than the ocean. The skeptics say that a high-flying bird would have cold feathers and insulating fat. If it was emitting heat then it would be dead. Mick West’s primary theory is that the object was a balloon. David Fravor did not address the balloon theory.

Mick West also interviewed another Nimitz witness. Patrick “PJ” Hughes was an aviation technician onboard the USS Nimitz in 2004, during the famous “Tic-Tac” encounter. Before he became aware of Commander Fravor’s intercept of a strange object, he had an unusual encounter himself, where hard-drives containing recordings related to the incident were unexpectedly removed.

PJ has been interviewed several times regarding his experience, and what happened over those days. He’s also a member of UAP Expeditions, a UAP/UFO research group with other people from the Nimitz Encounter.

We’ve talked a few times on Twitter, and have a variety of disagreements. But we both agree it would be good if people could sit down and figure things out. So that’s what we tried to do here.

Mick West went over the videos and his analysis and the history of the claims on the BBC.

SOURCES – Mick West, Lex Fridman, David Fravor, BBC
Written by Brian Wang,