SpaceX Starship Orbital Flight FCC Filing

SpaceX has filed its first Super Heavy Starship orbital flight plan.

The Super Heavy Booster will return and land in Texas. The Starship will go to orbit and then land in Hawaii (Kauai) about 90 minutes after taking off.

The Starship Orbital test flight will originate from Starbase, TX. The Booster stage will separate approximately 170 seconds into flight. The Booster will then perform a partial return and land in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 20 miles from the shore. The Orbital Starship will continue on flying between the Florida Straits. It will achieve orbit until performing a powered, targeted landing approximately 100km (~62 miles) off the northwest coast of Kauai in a soft ocean landing.


SpaceX intends to collect as much data as possible during flight to quantify entry dynamics and better understand what the vehicle experiences in a flight regime that is extremely difficult to accurately predict or replicate computationally. This data will anchor any changes in vehicle design or CONOPs after the first flight and build better models for us to use in our internal simulations.

Written by Brian Wang,

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