Structural Battery and 4680 On Track to Boost 2022 Tesla Model Y

Joe Tegtmeyer reports on the many front castings for Tesla Model Y that are already being produced in GigaTexas.

There are over 50 Model Y front castings. The casting machine is installed and in test operation.

TMIO Tesla reviewed the superior economics of the Tesla Model 3 and then the Tesla Battery Day announcements that are being created for the 2022 Tesla Model Y and all of the other Tesla cars. TMIO Tesla reminds us about Tesla Battery day and the 14% improvement in range and 10% reduction in weight from front and rear castings and the structural battery.

There are also the gains that will be had from the 4680 battery cells.

Tesla Visions provides an update on work for the 4680 factory in Texas. There are unofficial claims that new land at Giga Texas will be used for a 4680 battery cell factory.

SOURCES – Tesla, TMIO Tesla, Joe Tegtmeyer, Tesla Vision
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian has shares of Tesla)