Tesla BEV Market Share Triple Volkwagens BEV Share in Q1 2021

Tesla has 25% global market share for unit sales of battery electric vehicles, followed by SAIC Motor with 17%, Volkswagen with 8%, Stellantis with 5% and BYD with 5%.

Hyundai-Kia and Renault-Nissan had large drops in their battery-electric and plug-in electric sales.

Renault-Nissan had 13% share in 2020 but has dropped to 4%.

Street Legal Golf Carts Are Not in the Same EV Category as Tesla Model 3

SAIC Motor sells many Wuling Hongguang Mini EV that sell for US$4400 and it has 23 horsepower. Electric golf carts have 3-5 horsepower with peak power of about 13 HP. A gasoline-powered golf cart can have about 12 horsepower.

The Wuling EV sold about 80,000 units in Q1 2021.

Unit sale EV global market share of other carmakers like Tesla will be under more pressure with higher sales of cheap EVs like the Wuling mini EV. However, no one buying a US$4400 EV was in the market considering a Tesla Model 3 or a Volkswagen ID3 or VW ID4.

Total Global EV market share for Tesla will still be higher because of Tesla’s higher average sale price.

If the Wuling EV sales were excluded from SAIC Motor EV sales then SAIC Motor BEV market share drops to about the level of BYD.

Tesla continues to grow its domination of the non-golf car BEV global market.

China EV companies are selling a lot of EVs in the US$4000-10000 category.

The BYD Han EV is a sedan in the US$40,000 price range. The GAC Aion S is about US$24,000. The Aion S has a 58.8 kWh battery. The Tesla Model 3 Long Range has a 75 kWh battery. Aion S has 317 miles (510 kilometers) of range according to the NEDC methodology used in China. The car uses a 170Wh/kg CATL lithium ion battery, and the power output is giving it 180hp.

Hyundia Kona EV has an MSRP of $38000. Renault Zoe EV starts at about $24,000.

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Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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