Tesla Megapacks Will Use Lower Cost LFP Batteries

Canaccord Genuity reports that Tesla Megapack will be using LFP cathode batteries. LFP batteries are cheaper but less energy dense than lithium ion batteries with nickel.

Megapack is Tesla’s largest battery storage product and has a maximum energy capacity of 3 MWh per unit. The new Megapack is design optimized for quick installations, and its shipping container-like form allows it to be scaled easily. Tesla says the Megapack requires 40% less space and 10x fewer parts than current systems on the market.

Canaccord Genuity expects accelerated growth in Tesla’s energy generation and storage business. They conservatively forecast $8 billion in revenue in 2025 with gross margins at parity or better than its battery electric vehicle business. Tesla electric cars have 25% gross margin.

SOURCES- Cleantechnica
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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