Whole-genome sequencing in IVF Clinics

IVF Clinics are slowly adopting more extensive genetic screening of embryos. During Invitro Fertilization one two two dozen embryos can be generated for one cycle. This provides an opportunity to select the best embryo for implantation.

For over two decades, preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) has been available

3 thoughts on “Whole-genome sequencing in IVF Clinics”

  1. The selection bias towards not selecting embryos with half of an undesirable gene, besides the obvious bias towards not selecting embryos with both halves, is going to have long term genetic diversity effects. While many diseases have been found to depend on a single gene, multigene combos get messy, plus those genes have other roles to play as well.

    Though that line of thinking ultimately boils down to whether we need the genetic diversity from partial sets of problematic genes. Will that potentially reduce chances for high intellect/creativity if they are not available? Or another way to interpret that statement is, do we want to still be able to make idiot savants?

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