Age Resetting Genes Going to Human Studies in Two Years

David Sinclair is a geneticist at Harvard and author of Lifespan.

Nature – Reversal of biological clock restores vision in old mice

Sinclair and his team restored vision in old mice and in mice with damaged retinal nerves by resetting some of the thousands of chemical marks that accumulate on DNA as cells age. They are now working to rejuvenate the brains of old mice. This work is so promising that Sinclair believes he can get to human trials within two years. Sinclair is using three genes to reset the age of cells.

Sinclair says taht there are three main pathways or mechanisms in our bodies — our cells that can counteract aging. They sit at the top of a pyramid of defense functions in our body that we are learning how to tweak. He is studying sirtuins. there is also AMPK and mTOR pathways. These guardians of the body exist and we’re learning how to activate them and get them to work harder.

SOURCES- Nature, Inside Tracker, David Sinclair, Lex Fridman
Written by Brian Wang,