Air Force $48 Million SpaceX Starship Cargo Anywhere in an Hour Program

The US Air Force is funding $48 million to study using the SpaceX Starship to move military cargo anywhere in the world in one hour.

There will need to be more spent to actually use SpaceX Starships for rapid deployments. SpaceX seems to be well on the way to making Starship a technical and economic success. SpaceX Starships will be capable of flying 6000-8000 miles in a single stage at up to Mach 15-25 with a payload of 100 tons.

The US Air force will leverage the fully reusable SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy capabilities. The SpaceX Starship can technically be used as a hypersonic bomber. It can also deploy millions of times more material to orbit.

Having the military as the first customer for anywhere in an hour cargo deployment will help accelerate us to a world of commercial cargo anywhere in an hour and then passenger travel anywhere in an hour.

There will need to be a solution to working with Russia and China about massive amounts of peaceful rocket traffic. There needs to be real-time visibility and assurance that there is no nuclear missile threat.

The Air Force budget of $156.3 billion is a 2.3% increase over FY21 enacted levels, and the Space Force budget of $17.4 billion is a 13.1% increase over FY21 enacted levels.

The FY 2022 Air Force Operation & Maintenance (O&M) budget includes a more than $2.3 billion dollar increase from the FY 2021 enacted funding. The growth from FY21 is largely driven by increases to Civilian Pay, Mission Support, Installation Support, and Facility Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization.

The Department of the Air Force Military Personnel (MILPERS) budget grows Total Force end-strength by an additional 3,425 Total Force Military personnel in FY 2022. The main growth driver is attributed to the retention of medical personnel and 1,966 growth to Space Force end-strength. The FY 2022 Air Force budget includes $929.8 million for Space Force guardians.

SOURCES – Scott Manley, Air Force
Written By Brian Wang,

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