Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Africa Getting Next COVID Wave

The Indian Delta Variant of COVID has over twice the transmission rate of the original COVID and is hitting parts of Asia and Africa that mostly avoided COVID in 2020.

Brazil, India, Colombia and Argentina have the most COVID cases this week. Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan will have a lot more cases in the coming weeks. Africa will also have a lot of cases but lack of testing will not show many of the cases in Africa.

SOURCES- Dr John Campbell, Worldometers
Written By Brian Wang,

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  1. Let not forget there is delta+ lurking as well, but so far that seems to be mostly vietnam only…

  2. In the sense that they will have to adjust the current vaccines. Apparently if they have the genome map, mRNA changes can be recalculated in about a day, and current production systems can accept the changes easily with no recertification of the production line. Whether medical authorities would fast track the changes is up to them though, but from the sounds of it, they perceive the mRNA changes to be simple redialing of the settings effectively so it should be approved relatively quickly compared to traditional vaccine changes.

    Phizer previously said as much before the delta variant surge, so I imagine they are in discussions now about approving the change effort.

  3. I did believe so early on, in the context that the US would both do the right thing and make a soft power push, such that vaccine rollouts globally would be accelerated enough to avoid major variants establishing themselves. Unfortunately that was a misplaced belief in the competency of government, scientific institutions, and bureaucracies that exist specifically for dealing with unusual events.

    But as we saw, the US neither did the right thing early enough, and is late to the soft power party. The CDC being gutted over 2 decades, not getting full control/authority, and being continually backstabbed certainly didn't help, even if their shot their own foot with missteps. Also Trump happened. What a clownshow.

    I think Churchill said that the US will always do the right thing, after exhausting all other options. That was said in the context that other countries wouldn't even do the right thing though.

    If the US had made a bigger deal of it earlier, if the medical science community had gotten off their 5 micron aerosol high horse and begged everyone to mask up earlier, a lot more US money got dumped into vaccine production rampup, and as a gesture of good faith had forced vaccine manufacturing information release to other countries for free (effectively nullifying the patents specifically for COVID-19 vaccine production only), I think the outcomes would have been much better.

  4. It was inevitable. And one of those 'I told you so' moments for those with too much pride to admit they make a huge mistake. Here's where that personal responsibility thing they're always yapping about comes into play.

  5. I believe their vaccination rates are much lower than many western countries. It doesn't matter which vaccine they are using if less than 20% of the population has been vaccinated.

  6. Attachment of a ethnicity or nationality to something of this nature is strictly done for political reasons, usually in an antagonistic manner. Hence the reason science uses other designations.

  7. All global indications say otherwise. Another wave in the form of the delta strain appears to be worrisomely ignoring the vaccinations in more than a few people.

  8. It's going to be disastrous for the poor countries with barely adequate medical resources and low vaccination rates, especially with the Delta strain looking as bad as it is. They would give their right arm for a shot. I have a lot of empathy for them. Conversely, all the idiots in the first world countries, where vaccines are readily available, aren't getting them for idiot reasons. Congratulations on prolonging the outbreak.

  9. Current Israeli numbers show the delta mutation breaking through vaccinations. If correct, we’re toast.

  10. Did anyone really believe a nastier mutation of Covid WASN’T going to come along? All the people who still believe it’s a hoax, not wearing masks, not isolating themselves, not getting the vaccine…all of these people, willingly became Petri dishes for this thing to mutate. And the rest of us may pay a price.

  11. I am also not in favor of associating countries with virus but Mr. Wang mentioned 'Indian' delta variant in this article instead of simply delta variant as used by the WHO. So why not Chinese COVID 19 since this is almost certainly a virus created in a Chinese government lab conducting gain of function experiments ?

  12. And the spanish flu likely originated in the US, hence it's the american flu that killed between 17 and 100 million people.

    So your point is..?
    (In case it was not clear, I was being sarcastic at the idiotic notion that a country should be tied to a virus name)

  13. I think there will not be another "wave," will be more like a ripple. More than 50% of the US is vaccinated already and 850,000 more per day. On top of that, a lot of people were infected and have natural immune resistance.

  14. Indian Delta Variant of the Chinese COVID 19 Virus..(If your gonna put country names give credit to the originators)

  15. Aren't the south east asian countries also largely using AstraZeneca or Sinopharm vaccines as well? It already appears to be that people using only dual AZ doses may have less immunity to delta.

    But, recent UK research suggests mixing the types for first and second dose seems to have benefits potentially. So there is that bit of good news.

    Haven't seen much on the one shot J&J versus delta.

  16. And it is going to hit here as well. All indications show that. We are a bigger and more segregated country, and it takes the new variant longer to take hold. Yet other countries with high vaccination rate were also hit. We think we live in the post Covid period instead of preparing for the next wave.

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