Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, Relativity Space Contend for Second Place

Rocket Lab, Blue Origin and Relativity Space and battling to be the second place US rocket company after SpaceX.

Blue Origin has yet to launch commercial satellites. The plans is for a launch of a commercial sub-orbital passenger on July 20, 2021. The seat was auctioned for $28,000,000. Jeff Bezos and his brother will also fly on this mission. Blue Origin wants to launch a SpaceX Falcon Heavy class rocket with the New Glenn Rocket. They were planning to launch New Glenn by 2020 but the current schedule is first launch no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2022.

Rocket Labs has had 17 successful orbital launches to deploy 104 satellites. The Electron rocket can place 150-300 kilograms into orbit. Lower payload for a sun synchronous orbit and higher payload for a low earth orbit. Rocket Labs plans a Falcon 9 class rocket with a new Neutron rocket. Rocket Labs plans to launch the Neutron by 2024.

Relativity Space plans to launch its first small rocket, Terran 1, later in 2021 and a Falcon 9 class rocket, Terran R, by 2024.

Both political parties in the US House of Representatives have rejected the $10 billion in funding that would have mostly gone to Blue Origin to make a second human lunar lander.

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Written By Brian Wang,

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