Clinical DNA Sequencer for Ultra-Low Cost Testing

There is a new DNA sequencing instrument, the MINI, for sequencing DNA in the clinic or core research laboratory.Unlike all other DNA sequencing systems, which run only one or two samples at a time, the MINI can simultaneously run any number of flow cells between one and twenty. Each flow cell is designed to be disposable, low-cost and use very little reagent; thus, DNA from a single patient or specimen may be cost-effectively sequenced without the need for indexing multiple samples in a single flow cell. This is an important feature for the clinic, as in addition to simplifying the sample preparation process, different sample may be kept physically separate (meters) from one another, thereby significantly reducing the chance of contamination or false diagnosis. Low cost (about $100 per sequencing test) is achieved through a unique sequencing by synthesis chemistry and low reagent consumption. Parallel flow cell processing and fluidics design results in high throughput (tens of tests per day). In addition to sequence-based clinical testing, the system supports targeted resequencing up to an exome per flow cell. Read lengths are driven by application requirements and are between 35-100 bp.

SOURCES – Journal of Biomedical Technology
Written By Brian Wang,

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