Detailed Tesla Income Projections

James Stephenson has made detailed projections for Tesla financials focused on the last three quarters of 2021. James also has projections for estimated Tesla car sales by quarter through 2023.

Tesla has had strong growth of about 50% every year for over a decade. Tesla now is the fourth highest volume of sales for all luxury cars. This includes luxury ICE (internal combustion engine cars).

James projects strong growth in net income and adjusted EBITDA for Q2, Q3 and Q4.

We will start seeing if these projections are correct with July 2nd Tesla car deliveries for Q2 and the Q2 shareholder meeting July 21, 2021.

SOURCES- James Stephenson
Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

5 thoughts on “Detailed Tesla Income Projections”

  1. It's hard to believe people are still selling this company short

    Back in Jan the market cap per car sold was
    Toyota $20k
    GM $8k
    VW $9k
    BMW $8k
    Tesla $1,405k

  2. What surprises me is when someone has a detailed analysis with graphs and tables and discussion… and they choose to broadcast it on twitter, a medium designed for bumper sticker slogans and snappy one-liners.
    It took him 69 tweets. Isn't that a clear indication that you are on the wrong platform?

  3. Still think everyone is looking at this all wrong. Tesla’s auto division is peanuts when compared to the growth possibilities of their energy division. I want to see a projection of that.

  4. You can put it that way, yes. It has to do with earning money through stocks. Most people are content with just earning money instead of trying to leave their mark on the future. They get their validation from elsewhere.

  5. without offense. I am always supprised that people spend so much time and energy to predict someone elses future i.s.o. making yourself the future and actively contributing to it.
    It much has to do with the sin of greed? (valid for shorters or not)

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