DNI UFO UAP Preliminary Report is They Don’t Know What They Are

The preliminary UAP/UFO report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) in response to the provision in Senate Report 116-233.

* They still don’t know what they are
* They need more money and research to be able to increase our ability to analyze and figure out UAP
* weather balloons and conventional possibilities have been eliminated in most of the 140+ cases. Wind patterns remove weather balloons
* Multiple sensors tracking the objects suggests they are really something
* If it is foreign technology then it is a threat to the US
* there were 18 incidents reported in which the UAPs that were seen featured some sort of “unusual movement patterns or flight characteristics” including propulsion or other technology that wasn’t evident and that could be advanced.

This report provides an overview for policymakers of the challenges associated with characterizing the potential threat posed by UAP while also providing a means to develop relevant processes, policies, technologies, and training for the U.S. military and other U.S. Government (USG) personnel if and when they encounter UAP, so as to enhance the Intelligence Community’s (IC) ability to understand the threat. The Director, UAPTF, is the accountable official for ensuring the timely collection and consolidation of data on UAP. The dataset described in this report is currently limited primarily to U.S. Government reporting of incidents occurring from November 2004 to March 2021. Data continues to be collected and analyzed.

Most of the UAP reported probably do represent physical objects given that a majority of UAP were registered across multiple sensors, to include radar, infrared,
electro-optical, weapon seekers, and visual observation.

In a limited number of incidents, UAP reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics. These observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing, or observer misperception and require additional rigorous analysis.

There are probably multiple types of UAP requiring different explanations based on the range of appearances and behaviors described in the available reporting. Our analysis of the data supports the construct that if and when individual UAP incidents are resolved they will fall into one of five potential explanatory categories: airborne clutter, natural atmospheric phenomena, USG or U.S. industry developmental programs, foreign adversary systems, and a catchall “other” bin.

UAP clearly pose a safety of flight issue and may pose a challenge to U.S. national security. Safety concerns primarily center on aviators contending with an increasingly cluttered air domain. UAP would also represent a national security challenge if they are foreign adversary collection platforms or provide evidence a potential adversary has developed either a breakthrough or disruptive technology.

Consistent consolidation of reports from across the federal government, standardized reporting, increased collection and analysis, and a streamlined process for screening all such reports against a broad range of relevant USG data will allow for a more sophisticated analysis of UAP that is likely to deepen our understanding. Some of these steps are resource-intensive and would require additional investment.

UAP sightings also tended to cluster around U.S. training and testing grounds, but we assess that this may result from a collection bias as a result of focused attention, greater numbers of latest-generation sensors operating in those areas, unit expectations, and guidance to report anomalies.

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  1. This is good stuff. It's long been an issue that the go-to reference document for space settlements was half a century out of date.

    I'm going through it in detail and may have many annoying questions later.

  2. You know that even main stream media admit there is a deep state now?

    Except they approve of course (being a fellow part of the media-government complex)

  3. Yep, French ufologists had some very interesting theories about UFOs. The foremost is Jacques Vallée of "Passport to Magonia" book fame.

    He came to a similar conclusion of UFOs being historically important, a real phenomenon and probably "extradimensional aliens" or simply entities partially sharing our space but not perceptible by us, able to come and go as they please. And this after combing a lot of historical sighting records and noticing how UFO sightings seemed to have some statistic regularities, regardless of the year, unexplained if they really were travelers or explorers from another Star system.

    They ought to be close to us (traveling here and back home must be easy), practically living here, but not visible for us most of the time. Either they live in a dark matter domain, another p-Brane or whatever you name it. And they seem to be from really different factions/species, maybe from very different realities, ensuring we get the wild variety of UFOs we know.

    But he wasn't the only one thinking this. Others have seen similar patterns in the noise.

  4. It just turns out Roberto Carlos moved to the US and is practicing his free kicks there. Yeah, i know Americans won't get this, most Europeans will.

  5. I'm hiding them for later! No, this is new and exciting, and nss dot org has the lowdown on it, the Bezos video and much much more:


    Of special importance at this critical time is Space Solar, good general ideas at nss. But! Search Criswell LSP find searchanddiscovery link. See esp ppg 12-13 for Earth to Earth power beaming, "the thing to do".

  6. Sounds like what the former French Defense Minister thinks:

    "A former director of the country’s foreign intelligence agency (DGSE) opens up in a new UFO documentary and reveals his experiences and observations have convinced him that some of these unidentified crafts are from parallel worlds. Why in France? Is the cheese famous in ALL universes?"



  7. I don't think you can accuse the military of

    its self-appointed duty as "The Heroic Guardians of Freedom"

    That's actually their officially appointed duty. What do you think they are for?

  8. You don't think that the rest of the world has labelled this as "just another crazy thing from the USA"?

  9. Vague theoretical descriptions are not "solving the problem" nor "figuring out how to make it".

    A fully detailed parts list, CAD drawings, even a working model, otherwise it's still just a work in progress.

  10. Without getting all worked up over it, the military will do what it feels it must do in order to fulfill its self-appointed duty as "The Heroic Guardians of Freedom", which of course means they will tell you only what they deem "safe" for you and the rest of the listening world to hear. "

    "Nothing to see here. Move right along."

    The superior flight/propulsion characteristics if used militarily by either our side or "the enemy" would allow global domination by any nation in possession of it. Then too, "the blue ray" that immobilizes humans would be invaluable in neutralizing enemy soldiers.

    Any such technical capabilities will be kept as the deepest of deep secrets. Thus the "no-report" report.

    The following videos tell us that the military has both possession of alien tech and has interrogated actual living aliens. Time to get over it.



    I'll be interested to hear what the stubbornly persistent "there's no evidence" people will have by way of a rebuttal.

  11. I doubt they are aliens onboard starships visiting Earth like the daring crew of the "Enterprise" visiting other planets in Star Trek. Beings from this same space time, I mean.

    Any technological civilization capable of fast interstellar travel would leave traces. Artifacts, emissions, signals of their presence as they grow and take over the cosmos. Even if they came long ago and left. We would have ruins, abandoned satellites, etc. Civilizations tend to leave a lot of litter behind.

    The fact they aren't ostensible except on fleeting visits and interactions, followed by prompt disappearances with some statistical regularity, makes me believe they really come from somewhere else.

    Maybe from parallel realities, which would be endless in number and really close in some extra dimensions but not to be found anywhere we can see.

    Or from another time, or maybe the distinction is meaningless. That may explain why they are so focused on peeking at us: we (Earth, not just us) would be the attraction they come to see and the reason they are here.

    That means the phenomenon would probably follow us wherever we go into space in the future, until we also learn the trick for jumping between dimensions and we turn into somebody's else UFOs and aliens.

  12. Dipping into Speculative Fiction for a moment, what if the ability to generate a warp with exotic matter is reversible – that is, what if you could use technology related to warp drive but 'run backwards' to generate exotic matter?

    So maybe you could do a bootstrap process – use the non-exotic matter warp technology at 'reasonable' energies to generate an inverse-warp-field that in turn generates exotic matter, that you use to magnify your warp effects, which you use to generate even more exotic matter…etc, ultimately feeding into an actual warp drive for FTL.

    Might make a 'reasonably believable' warpdrive… Maybe throw a few more buzzwords in there to increase the Buzzword Salad complexity coefficient: "A warp drive recursively using inverted-warp virtual-exotic-matter/anti-matter generation to bootstrap itself into operation."

    As the warpship starts moving, normal matter particles entering the warp are converted by the reverse warp field technology into virtual exotic particles and anti-particles, which are separated and fed into the warp field generators to magnify the warp. Repeat until desired warp-factor is achieved.

    When it drops out of warp, the exotic particles are allowed to meet and cancel out, but since they are virtual, no energy is released – all the energy of the original matter has already been converted into powering the warp field's acceleration and deceleration. (Waste heat radiated away as neutrinos…? Dark matter?)

  13. When the robot rebellion comes, you are going to need my new product – a T-shirt boldly labelled "ROBOT" on front and back.

    Quantities limited, act now!

  14. Yep! This video has been out there for some time. Carl Sagan I think nailed it as to why we're such space geeks 🙂

  15. That's not new. That calculation on how long it would take to spread over the galaxy at sub-light speeds was done decades ago. On the back of an envelope because you get the basic answer with Time = distance/speed.

    The only new thing is a fancy computer graphic showing such a spread.

  16. They put a sign on the craft that sez "Ignore this sign" and it confuses the AI in the sensors.

  17. Don't give them ideas. The term "alien" is potentially equivocable, esp when combined with *invasion*. But then, so is *extra terrestrial*, as in not needed.

  18. The reason I believe that the US government can't find out what UFOs are, is that the threat of alien invasion has not been used to boost the defense budget. I'm sort of surprised the Biden administration, and/or the deep state does not instigate a hoax that there is an alien invasion for the political power they would get.

  19. I agree. Thunderf00t intentionally leaves out key pieces of information. He did in his SpaceX videos for certain. And by way of example- he mocks the idea of an exhaust plume not being visible and shows the infrared footage of a jet directly from the rear…while it is landing. Yea, of course there won't be much of an exhaust plume. Compare that to a jet at cruising speeds and it's a different image.

  20. The point is of course that after investigation most of the reported cases during the time period remain unidentified. It could have been very different.

  21. Not sure about "phases" but the tacit acceptance of authorities of the most powerful nation in the world, of the UAP/UFO phenomenon as something that (even if they don't know what it is) actually exists, is a monumental shift in our approach to the phenomenon.

    Of, course other nations have done similar comments in the past, but everything was always surrounded by some sneering at some third world military junta or crazy Canadian/Frenchman/etc. talking about UFOs.

    Now the cat's out of the bag, USA's allies would do well to come forth and talk openly about it. I'm sure they do have a lot more information than they share. This is something that affects all humans on this planet, which apparently is stranger that we imagined, and refuses our rational categorization in some of its poor lit corners.

  22. I watched Erik Lentz's full hour and change presentation in this and it makes this kind of travel feel much more tangible. Though, he does admit at one point to not yet have worked out the implications of stopping a craft and the particle buildup that could possibly be ejected. Though, I THINK he sort of addresses it.

  23. So, we're entering Phase 2 now?:

    "Think about it. UFOs going back to 1947 have been showing off the same capabilities that the ones we are seeing now. China or Russia did not put those UFOs from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s in the air. If they’re real, if we don’t make them, if other nations don’t make them, then somebody else does. Might not be E.T., might be something stranger — ultra-terrestrials, time travelers, a simulation of reality, whatever.

    We are currently at Phase One. The UAP Report is probably going to escalate us to Phase Two. The next months or years will be devoted to sorting out Phase Three. Sometime in the 2020s we are going to get to Phase Four.

    People who know about such things probably believe that this slow steady roll-out is the best way to avoid War of the Worlds style panic. We’ll be like that frog in the jar as the temperature is slowly raised who never jumps out. One day we’ll all be able to look around and wonder what took us so long."



  24. Someone else figured out how to make a "Lentz Drive"?:

    "Now, a recent paper by a physicist with over ten years experience in practical applications has proposed a solution that may finally break through those limitations, which has the potential of bringing into existence the first real-life warp drive.

    “The solutions I pursued in my paper are able to travel at arbitrary speed, either below or above the speed of light,” said Dr. Erik Lentz, the author of the new proposed warp drive in an email to The Debrief. “This is the first example of positive energy superluminal solutions in the literature.”"



  25. We are still learning things in physics and there is more and more evidence the laws of physics may not be uniform through out the galaxy meaning they may not be as constant as we once taught so there are probably ways to effect said laws. Also there is a lot more interest in the likes of the Alcubierre drive and seems somewhat more theoretically feasible though still extremally unlikely and if at all possible i would expect it in maybe 100 years at the earliest.

  26. I would expect a problem like that would be identified very early on in development.Also I suspect the US military is has been testing there systems against swarms of small UAVs and missiles for a long period of time and know how well there systems can identify individual targets.

  27. The scientific method requires rigorous research and the testing of various hypothesis. And we need to be shown any information regarding recovered materials if they exist.

  28. They don’t know what they are, but they do know they need more time and money to research it and defend against this potential threat. Well that surprised no one. 
    It’s been the strategy of DoD and military think tanks for more than my lifetime to talk up potential external threats as a justification for more money and as little oversight as they can get away with. If it’s not Russia, it’s China, or Iran, or terrorists, or meteorites, so why not aliens.

  29. That's no attractive option for people who are more interested in booking a leisure trip over the weekend.

  30. How unusual would the movement patterns be if it was tracking a flock of birds but only locking on to different individual birds intermittently?

  31. This is cute feet-dragging and all, but I want the briefings from people like Eric Davis to be declassified with no redacted text. He supposedly briefed members of Congress about off-world vehicle crash retrievals. I'm more interested than that than smoke and mirrors in this report. But nobody wants to put that information out there [yet]. Assuming those briefings actually happened, which is also up for debate.

  32. Well, if they did know what they were, they wouldn't be UFO's, now, would they? What's the "U" stand for, anyway?

  33. I knew they were going to waste our time with another, ‘we still don’t know what they are’ report. I told everyone not to get excited by the release.

  34. Did anyone really expect anything else?

    ~“unusual movement patterns or flight characteristics” are all speculations due to ignorance. Not everyone is open minded, either show the performance characteristics of these artifacts are "magical" or remain forever a carnival barker.

  35. And yet most of UAP reported were probably physical objects due to multiple sensor data…. So why is that multi-sensor data less convincing about the flight characteristics? Or, why wouldn’t your drawn conclusion of “physical objects” face the same scrutiny of additional rigorous analysis?

    In a limited number of incidents, UAP reportedly appeared to exhibit unusual flight characteristics. These observations could be the result of sensor errors, spoofing, or observer misperception and require additional rigorous analysis.

  36. If I understand Mr. Thunderfoot correctly he claims to have unveiled a simultaneous vulnerability of the Air Force's radar, infrared and visual sensors to the same optical illusions a human pilot might fall.

    Maybe he can save a lot of lives with this idea, just think of the collateral damage that happens all the time because of these sensor illusions.

  37. Duh! That is why it is called UNKNOWN flying object!
    If they knew what it was, it would be KNOWN!
    Anyway, watch Thunderf00t's debunking of all this.
    I would go with his analysis. Sounds and looks pretty rational.

  38. So now we know that a warp drive is feasible, existent and cheap enough to be used apparently for fun purposes.

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