Gwynn Shotwell and SpaceX Orbital Super Heavy Starship Raptor Engines

SpaceX COO Gwynne Shotwell, a Northwestern graduate, delivered a commencement address from the SpaceX factory in Hawthorne, California.

Gwynn walked in the SpaceX factory in front of a graphic that shows the delivery of Raptor engines for the new orbital Starship test rocket.

About 11 Raptors were delivered over 25 days. This means the complete 35 engines should be ready and delivered in early August.

Some thought the graphic was a countdown to complete engine delivery but it makes more sense that it is counting the days from start of delivery.

SOURCES- Northwestern, SpaceX
Written by Brian Wang,

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  1. yeah it is only a matter of when they will sink their claws in and destroy another capitalist achievement and blame it on capitalism.

  2. man, he really triggered you didn't he. Floyd died of an overdose and the police used the appropriate medical restraint to keep him from hurting himself, even the coroner said he didn't die from choking.

  3. because they want equity and equity is forced equality, something you can never achieve, and when you do try, you do nothing but obtain totalitarianism.

  4. The reason why I quit listening was that I got bored with the run of the mill lines about the importance of the people who graduated from the school. No technology and nothing interesting.

    But if you mean that there are bits of her speech that somehow negates the pandering to the SJW then by all means tell me. I am listening.

  5. In general, yes, passion is dominant over reason.

    But it does not mean that you cannot get closer to reason if you try. There are tricks and methods to improve the thinking. Our laws are a codified attempt at removing the passion out of the equation by prescribing general rules. You can perform the mental experiment of "putting the other shoe on", i.e. reversing the case and see if your opinion changes.

    My favorite method is to focus on the technical details of the case at hand. Here, that would be the toxicology report and the expert witness statements. And keeping the imagined motives of your interlocutor a mile away from the discussions.

    The opposite of this is to assume that every difference in conclusion is due to "cultural cognition and motivational imperative". And every time someone does this, they make the world a little less rational and pushes out good solutions a little further away.

  6. If you do use logic and reason, it should not matter very much what your cultural background is.

    That's the lie everyone tells themselves. Do you think the irrational, the inept, the wicked and the vile believe they employ anything but logic and reason? Logic and reason is subservient to belief.

  7. Yeah, and you listened to 30 seconds of Shotwell's speech to get offended at the social justice unfairness of it.

  8. To be honest, quite a lot of people. Regardless of the goals of SJ – they are questionable by themselves – SJ always entails equality of outcome rather than opportunity, policing of speech, discrimination of non-minorities, cancel culture, a.s.o. add nauseam.

  9. FFS Does EVERYTHING have to promote social justice? "In space, no one can hear you scream SYSTEMIC RACISM"

  10. Yes, and it does not help in the long run. They will be gunning for SpaceX when they reach scale; it's too much power and impact being … unused… for a "good" purpose. Expect demands on courses on CRT, equity hiring, SJ human resources or they will start some massive campaign against SpaceX.

  11. And have you seen the full expert witness testimonies? Have you seen the cam video before GF was on the ground? Have you seen both closing arguments in full?

    I have seen all of these – and I know this reveals me as a person that wastes a *lot* of time – but I don't think you have. If you still believe what you believe after taking part of the above mentioned evidence, we can have a discussion about the merits of the arguments.

  12. That's just the thing though.. If you do use logic and reason, it should not matter very much what your cultural background is. And I know this is difficult, but there are some "tricks" to have less biases. One such trick is to imagine the reverse situation where the races of the perpetrator and victim were switched.

    In this situation, though, it's not very hard from the start if you are aware of the facts. They are really pointing to the GF being the victim of an overdose and nothing else..

  13. She's like Musk/Shotwell in the same sense as Jobs/Cook at Apple. Very much an operations person. Though that also runs the same risks, in that she's a competent ops person, but may not be the driving leader that gets an organization motivated. Cooks operates Apple well and is a master in logisitics/JIT, but he's been often characterized as not particularly visionary in comparison to Jobs. Jobs was apparently worried about that, and allegedly left a war plan book filled with a decade of product ideas just before his death. I don't think Elon has prepared anything similar for Tesla/SpaceX per se, but his Mars warcry is probably enough to tide that over.

  14. From listening to her commencement speach I was NOT impressed. It was a huge pander to the PC crowd and SJWs – which is a toxic culture to align with.

    As for her role in SpaceX perhaps she is a very strong positive force. I do not know how much is her and how much is Elon that have pushed SpaceX forward.

  15. I found that a bit off-putting myself. Sucking up to the loons is not an attractive thing to do.

  16. The video and my eyes argue otherwise. Somebody is incapable of thinking logically, not Shot well.

  17. From what I gather, she seems like the glue holding a lot of the company together as an efficient machine.

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