One SpaceX Raptor Engine Every Two Days

Elon Musk says that Raptor engine production has reached one every two days. This is a runrate of 180 per year. The previous Merlin engines had reached a production rate of 400 engines per year. SpaceX will likely at least double Raptor engine production to the old Merlin engine level in 2022.

SpaceX needs 29 Raptor engines for a full Super Heavy Booster and seven engines for a fully loaded Starship. SpaceX current Raptor engine production levels are enough for five fully populated Super Heavy Boosters and five fully loaded Starships.

SpaceX likely needs about 100 Raptor engines to complete the testing phase for Super Heavy and Starship. SpaceX should have two Super Heavy Starships ready for long term usage at the end of this year. Two Super Heavy Starships flying once every two weeks would be able to match the launch rate of the Falcon 9 fleet but with four times the payload.

SpaceX is performing orbital duration engine testing.

SOURCES- Engineering Today, SpaceX, Elon Musk
Written By Brian Wang,

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