SpaceX Super Heavy Doubles the Power of the Saturn V

The SpaceX Super Heavy booster that will fly to orbit should be completed within weeks. This first booster will have 29 Raptor engines and each engine will have 225 tons of thrust. The regular Super Heavy boosters will have 32 Raptor engines for 7200 tons of thrust. The Saturn V that flew men to the moon had 3580 tons of thrust.

Kendall Dirks, @Kendall_Dirks on twitter, has renderings of the SpaceX Super Heavy starship standing on the sea launch platforms that SpaceX is making from oil platforms.

CBass productions has a full animation of a SpaceX Super Heavy Starship flying to orbit and returning for the soft splash downs.

Credits (Please go follow these people if you don’t already):
Neopork (Starship and SH Models):
Alex Svan (Raptor Model):
Sam Krug (Earth Atmosphere Shader):
Spaceport3D (3D Scan of Boca Chica Launch Site):
Nick Henning (Misc. Boca Chica Buildings):

SOURCES-= CBass Productions, Kendall Dirks,