Tesla Has Strong April Global Sales

Plug in electric vehicles and full battery electric vehicle sales were up over 40% from last year in terms of percentage of overall car sales. 2021 PEV (plug-in electric) share was 5.7% (3.7% BEV) compared to PEV at 4% of total car sales in April 2020.

PEV registrations were up 249% last month, to some 392,000 units and BEVs (battery electric vehicles) increased YOY 235% to 251,000 units.

* Tesla has outsold Ford for EVs by over 5 to 1 year to date
* Tesla BEV have more than doubled the PEV registrations of Volkswagen year to date
* Tesla Model 3 and Model Y have outsold Volkswagen ID4 and ID3 by six to 1 year to date
* Tesla Model 3 and Model Y nearly doubled the registrations of the ID4 and ID3 in April
* Wuling Mini EV costs about $5000, the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 have about ten times the sales revenue of the Wuling Mini EV

SOURCES- EV Sales Blog
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

5 thoughts on “Tesla Has Strong April Global Sales”

  1. Hmm, no, they both add up to 31K. You must've carried a 2 somewhere…

    But you are right, that total is definitely not in line with recent numbers. I wonder if they outsold their inventory? Q1 2021 sales were about 2x Q1 of 2020. Typically Q1 is a weak quarter for car companies, maybe it caught them off guard.

    See this article about a supply chain problem: https://electrek.co/2021/05/18/tesla-stuck-with-over-10000-cars-factory-hold-resulting-logistical-nightmare/

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  3. The numbers in the table do no add up. In the "global models", Model 3 and Model Y ads to about 41k in April. In the "global brands", Tesla is listed as 31k for April. What happened to 10k cars??? The YTD numbers do add up when comparing the two tables.

    Also, 41k in April is not impressive. This is a run rate of less than 500k per year, i.e. the run rate of April was lower than the average run rate of 2020? If we subtract the production of April – let's use the 41k – from the YTD production (216k), you get 175k, i.e. about 58k per month January through March.

    Even if you assume 41k for April, it looks like a dramatic production drop for Tesla..?

  4. Those are listed as global models, but how well are chinese EV's selling outside the domestic chinese market? What's the count split on that, and out of curiosity, which countries are popular for chinese EV exports? An easy assumption is anywhere with enough infrastructure to have a decent EV charging network, so Singapore and probably capital cities in south east asian countries are likely topping that list.

  5. EV sales are growing faster than I expected, and definitely a lot faster than many naysayers. Range anxiety isn't heard nearly as much anymore, I guess people realize you can have different vehicles for different things. For eg. rent a large ICE SUV for a long distance vacation, but drive something more efficient and sporty for daily commuting to the office.

    I am a bit confused though, by the "others" in the charts above. Are there really that many other models that they add up to 66% of the overall EV market?

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