US Passes $250 Billion Technology Bill for Chips, AI and Robotics

The US passed the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act, a $250 billion bill promoting US semiconductors, AI, robotics and technology.

It authorizes $81 billion for NSF, including $29 billion over five years for the new directorate. It directs the Department of Commerce to designate regional technology hubs across the country, and authorizes $10 billion over five years for these hubs. The bill appropriates $52.7 billion for incentivizing domestic semiconductor fabrication and $1.5 billion for 5G innovation. It takes steps to counter the Chinese Communist Party by addressing China’s political influence in universities, countering predatory economic practices like IP theft, and expanding and strengthening our alliances. The bill requires sanctions against foreign entities or people that the president identifies each year as having supported or engaged in cyberattacks or otherwise undermined U.S. cybersecurity on China’s behalf.

* 52 billion to fund the semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing initiatives.
* funding for scientific research, subsidies for chipmakers and robot makers, and an overhaul of the National Science Foundation.
* Endless Frontier overhauls the National Science Foundation, appropriates tens of billions for the NSF between fiscal 2022 and 2026, and establishes a Directorate for Technology and Innovation.

Establishes 10 “technology focus areas” for the National Science Foundation to focus on:

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomy, and related advances

High-performance computing, semiconductors, and advanced computer hardware and software

Quantum information science and technology

Robotics, automation, and advanced manufacturing

Natural and anthropogenic disaster prevention or mitigation

Advanced communications technology and immersive technology

Biotechnology, medical technology, genomics, and synthetic biology

Data storage, data management, distributed ledger technologies, and cybersecurity, including biometrics

Advanced energy, industrial efficiency technologies including batteries, and advanced nuclear technologies including for the purposes of electric generation

Advanced materials science, including composites and 2D materials

Regional Innovation Capacity

Directs the Department of Commerce to designate regional technology hubs across the country to support regional economic development in innovation. Authorizes $10 billion over five years for the hubs.

Requires agency heads, in consultation with the secretary of commerce, to establish policies to promote domestic production of technologies developed by the Manufacturing USA Network.

Authorizes $2.4 billion for The Manufacturing Extension Partnership over FY 2022 – FY 2026.

Authorizes $1.2 billion for the Manufacturing USA Program over FY 2022 – FY 2026.

Creates a National Manufacturing Advisory Council.

Research Security

Establishes a Research Security and Policy Office in the Office of the Director responsible for coordinating all research security policy issues for the NSF. Authorizes $5 million for the office per year from FY 2022 – FY 2026.

Requires the OSTP director to contract with an independent organization to establish a Research Security and Integrity Information Sharing Analysis Organization.

Requires the OSTP director and an interagency working group to develop a uniform set of policy guidelines covering federal science agencies that would prohibit all personnel of each covered agency from participating in a foreign government talent recruitment program.

Prohibits all awardees from participating in a Chinese foreign government talent recruitment program.

Requires the NSF director to work with institutions of higher education on initiatives to support IP protection, limit undue influence, and support domestic talent development.

Requires the comptroller general to conduct a study on federal funding made available to foreign entities of concern for research during the past five years.

Requires NSF to develop a plan to identify research areas that may contain sensitive information and to provide for background screening for individuals employed or funded by NSF.

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  1. Dude, you need to look at statistics, rather than judging by what popular news covers.

    Illegal drug use by the young is way down:

    When they first started putting lead in the paint, they put a lot more lead in the paint than they did later. There were also more alternatives later before leaded paint was banned. Only 24% of homes built between 1960 and 1977 have lead paint. But 87% of homes built before 1940 have lead paint. 
    Also, apparently, most of the lead people were getting came from the water pipes in the formative years before Prohibition.

  2. "Highly profitable" is somewhat dubious. What happened to the imagined hundred plus million Al Capone supposedly had? Best evidence is that it never existed.

    They make a passing reference to political bosses running crime earlier. This is not something to just say in passing as though it had no significance. Crime was quieter and less flashy. The reality is that the bar owners controlled politics in America…and crime. It was not in their interests for people to see crime or hear about crime, because the politicians would be the ones to blame, and they chose them, often taking the positions themselves. This is also when voting the party ticket took off. These bar owners insisted their patrons vote the party ticket.
    Prohibition took that power and livelihood away from them.
    That foolish web page acts like political corruption grew in the 20s and 30s. That is utter rubbish. It did start out lower, as all those political bosses went down, but it nver built to anywhere near a high a level as before.

    The claim that people drank more during Prohibition is also false. If you know anything about economics, that should have raised a red flag. Prices go up when supply is diminished. And any honest site covering Prohibition, will acknowledge that alcohol consumption went down.

    Kinda funny, they use mortality, mental health problems, and crime, statistics to deduce the amount alcohol consumption went down.

  3. The case indicting lead as the cause for many social ills of the 1950s through the 2000s is virtually ironclad now:

    I believe the same thing happened earlier. But, I looked high and low for a table I found before that showed how much lead was in houses built in different decades going all the way back to the early 1800s. But Google just would not deliver the goods. That table showed the same pattern we see with lead emissions. In looking at stuff yesterday, though, I ran across an interesting paper that may make an even better case for lead pipes as the cause in the rise of crime in the 20s and 30s as the exposure level was much higher, they know when the pipes were built and where. And they know who was exposed, making the case very strong:

  4. Take a look at this graphic of the historical murder rate in the US. Murder is a good indication of overall crime as regardless of if they choose to prosecute other crimes, murder is always serious and tabulated:

    As you can see murders were climbing very rapidly from about 1903 well before Prohibition. Further, there is no acceleration from 1920 to 1933. I admit that there appears to be a decline after repeal, but as there is no indication it went up in the first place because of Prohibition, we can't say what the cause of the decline was. However, I think there is good evidence for a technology that was first implemented in 1933 in New Jersey which I will get to.

    There were technologies that changed crime in the 20s and 30s. 1. The Tommy Gun could be bought by anyone with the money and became popular after WWI. 2. Cars became fast and reliable enough to allow criminals to commit a crime and get a long distance before the Police arrived.  Incarcerated criminals are not as free to commit crimes. Failing to be arrested, greatly increased the amount of crime.
    This was not overcome until Police got 2-way radio in 1933. This is also partly why the newspapers had so many stories on these criminals…they could get away with crimes because they could get away so quickly…so the papers could follow the same criminals. People are less interested in single big crime perps.

  5. Leaded paint continued to be used at toxic levels on up to the 70's despite some reduction in lead content around the 50's. While I'm sure lead had ill effects, blaming all social problems of the 1910's to 1930s is absurd.

    And while you try to minimize the impact of alcohol prohibition on crime (and ignoring the obvious expansion of highly profitable crime due to drug prohibition), that is frankly ahistorical. Here's another link for you, citing prohibition as triggering the rise of organized crime.

  6. I'm dropping discussion of your ad hominem attack, since you've since at least tried to back up the 'propaganda' claim.

    You've objected to one of the least relevant points on that site, largely ignoring the ones I listed as relevant to the discussion of drug prohibition, and even asked you a second time to respond to. (And you say *I* don't read?)

    The closest you came to answering was to trivialize the increase in crime and absurdly dismiss all the social problems of the prohibition period as caused by lead poisoning.

  7. I made several claims countering its arguments, but you don't read.
    You just don't seem to know what propaganda is.
    If I see an ax and call it a tool…I need an argument?
    You can't seriously expect anyone to think that page is objective. 

    Propaganda: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

    It would take 20 pages to list the inaccuracies on that page.

    It is obvious that the author merely assembled the most intensely negative claims he could find in his sources. That is not an evenhanded approach. Validate. Corroborate. Or at least look at both sides. Or you have done nothing but produce propaganda.

    Take a look at #11 (because it is only 3 lines and might fit). "11.  Glorification of Gangsters.The news widely followed major criminals. The public often admired them. Many people idolized John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson and Pretty Boy Floyd. They eagerly followed Machine Gun Kelly, Bugsy Siegel, Bugs Moran, Dutch Schultz, and Ma Barker and her gang."

    So he is claiming Prohibition elevated these people. I see zero evidence. These people were elevated by newspapers, because it sold newspapers. And most of the people listed were bank robbers not bootleggers. Newspapers did this before with what we call gunslingers. Newspapers of this time had zero scruples; it was all about the money. They even provoked war. Look up "Yellow Journalism".

  8. If you declare a site to be propaganda, you are declaring the author of the site a propagandist. You could have followed it up with supporting evidence, but did not. So yes, it was an ad hominem attack.

    And again – are you claiming that the items I summarized were NOT problems caused by prohibition? And have been even more clearly worse for drug prohibition, given its much longer duration?

    BTW – while the 18th amendment did not make consumption of alcohol illegal, many jurisdictions did so as part of Prohibition. Patrons were arrested along with proprietors of raided speakeasies.

    The political reasons (tax revenue is another cited cause) the 18th was passed and later anulled are irrelevant to the question of its value and problems.

    Lead is certainly a bad poison, but it's ludicrous to ascribe to it the specific problems of the 1920's. Are you unaware that lead continued to be heavily used in US products – including lead paint – AFTER the fall of Prohibition, right on up to the 70's, when it started to get banned?

    And if lower lead poisoning contributed to smarter people who smoked less, why did that not also work for drug usage? Why do we still have so much violent drug-business-crime today, 30+ years after US infant blood lead levels dramatically declined?

  9. The reality is that a couple hundred gangsters died, maybe a dozen innocent bystanders, and maybe a dozen police officers, while many thousands less people were born with defects, many thousands less died of alcohol abuse, and thousands less died in alcohol related accidents. 
    Almost certainly the violence against women and children was dramatically reduced.
    The bans were reasonably successful outside the larger cities where the people were more sold on it.
    Lead brain damage is what precipitated the increase in crime generally, prostitution, and promiscuity of the 1920s and 1930s. Chalking all of that up to Prohibition is nonsense.

  10. The main reasons Prohibition was repealed were 1.They tried to go around the new half of the population of the large cities that had just come in from Europe by getting it in before the reapportionment.
    They never sold those people on it. Most of the issues with enforcement were in these cities. And their votes were going to effect change eventually. 2.The political movement that got it in, died. The Progressive Party died, chiefly, because it had no deep pocket special interests that would profit from its desired actions. And secondarily because it coalesced from single issue social issue groups and failed to codify itself into a coherent compelling ideology that would naturally advocate action on new issues as they became more visible. There were ideological values: the wellbeing of women and children, decent paychecks, efficiency of government, partly by hiring experts, (bureaucrats) in local governments, and reducing government waste and corruption in government and especially in elections (bar owners chose the Party candidates, often themselves and manipulated patrons to vote for their guy).
    Progressives only had the couple dozen issues they started with. Once enough of those issues got dealt with, there wasn't enough to keep people interested, especially those who joined for just one of those issues. After the Amendment they assumed it was secure as no Amendment had ever been repealed to that point.

  11. Ad Hominem is attacking some irrelevant characteristic of the person making the argument. Propaganda is a very relevant feature of an argument. If it is obvious the objectivity is compromised, and stuff is being throw out there someone, somewhere would buy (sophistry), with nonsense that any reasonably bright elementary school student could poke 20 holes in, there is little point to entertaining them.
    This is just like saying the Earth is flat and thinking linking to some lunatic's website is sufficient to support your position. One could spend their life debunking that. It always takes at least 5x more info to solidly debunk BS, than say BS.

    And apparently you ignored everything else I said. As well as claiming I said things I did not.

    I said "perhaps even hard liquor". Is that what Prohibition did? No, Prohibition banned all alcohol. But only the manufacture, sale and transportation of it. People were free to drink all they wanted…if they could find it. Not exactly brilliant. Still, it was modestly successful.

    So many people are taken in by stuff that is dramatic, and scintillating, ignoring the reality of the proportions of reality.

    Example: The science was clear since 1993 that 90,000 people were dying every year from Tran Fat. No drama, so no action. 2,340,000 American died prematurely after they knew. They did not want to inconvenience the corporations. And we now know that number is higher as Trans Fats are also implicated in Alzheimer's.

  12. The "or regulated" is some nonsense added by modern Socialists trying to sell it to the uneducated. Obviously government already regulates and has regulated these things for millennia…all laws are "regulation".

  13. Government
    The political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration:
    My definition is slightly different:
    Government makes laws and enforces them which compel people/corporations within the jurisdiction to perform some actions and forbid them from performing other actions. Governments attempt to detect violations and enforce punishments when detected and attributable to a person, persons, or corporations.
    National governments generally attempt to prevent other governments from usurping their role, as well.
    Some governments in the ancient past governed without law.
    And many, if not all governments, have been known to violate their own laws or incarcerate/fine without any violation, or let others slide due to whims of those in power. That is an observation, not a logical necessity or desirable.

    Socialism: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. (the bold is mine)
    That generally means the government usurps ownership/stewardship of all the natural resources including all land, all the farms, all the factories, and many other things depending on the variation. That "or regulated" bit is wrong.

    Serving the socal good, many Concervatives wrongly think is Socilism.

  14. I never said I could do anything. And you have a logic form error, if you are insinuating that I am a neurotic based on that. Who knows, perhaps I am. But even if I am, your argument fails to support that position.
    I am not sure why you have gotten so petty and vicious lately. Our objectives are not very different. I trust you don't like people's lives/health being ruined by addiction or lives destroyed by poor decisions while intoxicated?

    You seem to have bought into the idea that the "War on Drugs" is a cultural thing, pushed by Whites or the rich to oppress the poor and downtrodden. This is some sort of current myth that has gained traction with no other evidence than the demographics of who was locked up.
    Do the rich often get off with lighter sentences for things? Absolutely, but that is an indictment of our legal system, not the "War on Drugs".
    I believe our legal system is garbage. Juries, lawers, and possibly even judges, as we know them, I would remove from the system. I would use fMRI combined with polygraph, as well as forensics, and a reasonable amount of surveillance. fMRI combined with polygraph is exceedingly accurate. Add machine learning, and it would be near flawless. There could be some people with unusual brains, but the machine leaning should recognize that something is wonky. There would also have to be good supervision to detect any of the methods used to try to beat the machine. Detected attemps would work strongly against one's case.

  15. Declaring something "propaganda" is an ad hominem argument.

    Massive organized crime
    Corruption (and hypocritical drug use) of public officials
    Crime by addicts
    Poisonously unreliable alcohol/drugs killing people more than overdoses

    Are you saying those things didn't happen after the alcohol and drug prohibitions (because they did)?

    Or that somehow they were not the result of or worsened by moving alcohol and drug production/distribution/consumption into the illegal and unregulated domain – i.e. that they would have happened anyhow, or that the situation pre-prohibition was somehow worse?

  16. From before: Janov. "The
    Primal Scream". Lennon "Plastic Ono" 50th. primaltherapy dot com , see
    the legacy project for video practicum of PT, esp recommended to power
    addicts (politicians). Are they in for a surprise! You should look at
    the recent book "Beyond Belief" as your power addiction has gone fully
    Check it out!

  17. Impuses! see Janov

    Political Choice by Vernon Van Dyke Its gracfully written presentation will bring students to an understanding of the ideological impulses that shape our politics and help determine the country′s current direction.

  18. Please define socialism, then. I will switch to the regeneration blog, as it directly deals with Primal Science, the cure for socialism as libertarians define it.

  19. Is it socialist, ie, do you "advocate or support the initiation of force or fraud to achieve political or social ends", the opposite of libertarian, which healthy people are?

  20. "Neurotics are capable of doing anything" -Janov "People are as crazy as they can possibly be" -yt "Too horrific to contemplate" – M. Ventura I don't know the details, but would not be surprised.

  21. You have learned the wrong lessons. Prenatal lead exposure and exposure in the very early years damages impulse control.
    The rise in crime in the 1910s through 1930s was due to lead paint use, just as the rise in crime and addiction in the 1960s-2000s was due to lead auto emissions.
    Society made the right call to try to do something about it each time. The deaths and loss that would have resulted in society, with no enforcement would have been astronomical.
    No, being sanctioned, and staying out of the news is not the same as not affecting health. 
    Your shining example of a win…cigarette smoking is responsible for 480,000 deaths per year in the United States.
    No, smoking is down partly because it became widely known that science has incontrovertibly linked smoking to lung cancer and emphysema. And the reduced lead exposure in the air as a result of lead fuel additive bans has resulted in people with better judgment and self-control reducing both the number of people who start and empowering people born after the lead ban to stop.
    The same cohort of people that were over-represented in prisons and killing themselves with crack, amphetamines, and such are killing themselves with opioids today.

    Also, the tactics I would advocate are quite different than have been tried in the past.

  22. You don't know the tactics I would employ. The illicit drug trade would be virtually nonexistent.

  23. Yes, we are talking illicit use / recreational use. It is good for end of life scenarios especially as addiction is irrelevant.
    And as far as prescriptions are concerned, it is possible they have swung too far the other way.

  24. All law and government is coercive…that is what it is. Shoehorning all government into "Socialism" makes Socialism meaningless.
    For a basic intro on American ideology I recommend Ideology and Political Choice by Vernon Van Dyke. You can get it used for about $6.

  25. Practice thinking for yourself. Clinging to your Gurus contributes little. You are seeing everything as a nail, because you have a hammer in your hand.
    I have developed a political theory, which acknowledges that all law is coercive, as virtually all political theorists acknowledge, but does not accept the current justifications for the imposition of law and its enforcement from tradition, religion, personal whim, social contract theory, might is right, maximum collective happiness, or any other theoretical base I am aware of anyone else expressing. Nor does it fail to find any justification or only find justification in the most extreme cases like Anarchism, and Libertarianism. It does however rationally dictate certain positions. I will say blame, sin, punishment, and justice, have no role in my theory. It is more like the calculating theories like Utilitarianism, but with different objectives.

  26. not convinced. American/British tech culture is a world of difference from Chinese tech culture. The most important is the concept of the entrepreneur. The Chinese entrepreneur doesn't really exist – they're more like a movie star with handlers and behind-the-scenes support. It is a role they play; not in their soul. Protestant-flavoured work-ethic entrepreneurialism (such as US/ UK) is a different league – in an individualist society, these people rebel, undercut, seek their own technical path, strive to be away from their boss, mainstream, and colleagues — this is all crucial to technological research and its likelihood of roll-out and commercial success. You can throw 1000s of chinese PhDs at a problem and may get a brute force success, but if it truly unique and profund – the narcissistic researcher will always have an advantage. With new legal awareness, government sensitivity to IP leakage, and race to roll-out as opposed to achieve proof-of-concept or publish, the US/UK innovation system will solve the commercial monstrous successes – its in their blood.

  27. A rational "war on drugs" would have operated the way the 'war' against tobacco use has been waged – keep it legal but regulated, do lots of evidence based and emotion based education against starting or continuing use, and (recently) impose bans on smoking in public places to emphasize the imposition smokers placed on others. Result: US Cigarette sales and smokers steadily declining since the 70's, now down by about half.

    Can you point to similar (or any) improvements due to making drug production/sales/possession illegal? Or have things actually gone the other direction, while exposing drug users to the even riskier products of criminal producers? How is that a rational program?

    Also, alcohol prohibition was nowhere near the success you imply in a separate post below:

  28. the phrase will go down with "1000 year reich" as immortal joke. It would make a good K-Pop song title!

  29. There is no strawman. You are in denial. I have no desire to become a police officer, never. I never even played cops and robbers. I was never a bossy person. My sister had some bossy in her, but being a middle child, I never had any bossy tendency. All law is coercive…that is the nature of law. It is good judgment that should determine what should be legal and what should not. You are the one presenting irrelevant nonsense. The fringe "primal" thing you keep acting like people should accept without any examination, does not even come up on Google search…if it even had any relevance.
    Children absolutely are part of the picture. Thousands of children are beat up by drunks every day, neglected, deprived of the decent people their parents would be without these drugs.
    Many tens of thousands of Americans have their lives cut short by alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive drugs. 
    It is appropriate for society to protect the whole being of a person…the totality of their potential life from momentary states and impulses that future perspective would thank.
    There are many times people should be grateful they were caught by the Police, and some with wisdom, are.

  30. "blame" is not censorship. Why complain about those doing the blaming? Is blaming the, in reality, power addicts somehow making DD uneasy? Is he afraid they will “crumble like a damp wall.” under the blame? Do the bobble heads have any clue they are neurotic?

  31. What matters is not gender, but diversity. We have learned since the 70s esp that sex selection is paramount to all but minimum fitness selection. Sex works by trying to outguess others as to what will be sexy in the next generation. This takes diversity, as the definition of "sexy* is entirely up to groups of females who are looking to outguess each other as to which male will give the result that the next generation of females will consider sexy. Each group of females can go in independent directions. This is the true source of speciation, btw. So, finding a wide range of sex stuff is required, and totally natural. Relax!

  32. Does Iran have plans to defend against K-Pop cover of Lennon "Imagine"? it will make Iran “crumble like a damp wall.”

  33. If it were not for the power addiction, drug war addiction would not exist. Nor the war on drugs. So, given power addiction, it is an *especially* bad idea! And, on a more common sense level, ignoring the Primal Science and ethics, the War on Drugs is counterproductive, esp as to protecting children. Stupid stuff.

  34. Using abused children to fight against Primal Science is a new expansion of the talent for getting things *exactly* backwards that neurotics have. Part of the denial/repression system. They also accuse others of doing what they are in denial of doing themselves. Sick.

  35. Complete bans are probably a bad idea. Almost anything has some positive uses & some dangers. Opium & all its derivatives is a problem precisely because it is useful for dealing with extreme pain.

  36. Good you see the problem! Many of the child related stuff is directly due to the Drug War Addicts having sway. Do kids sell beer or weed? Think! Addicts protect their turf with violence and damaging false claims, as you just have shown.

    Janov. "The Primal Scream". Lennon "Plastic Ono" 50th. primaltherapy dot com , see the legacy project for video practicum of PT, esp recommended to power addicts (politicians). Are they in for a surprise! You should look at the recent book "Beyond Belief" as your power addiction has gone fully mystical. You are more of a theocrat than a politician. Drug War addicts, those addicted to dominating addicts, are in a race with homophobes, who are repressed homosexuals after all, for the winner of *Icon of Neurosis* prize.

  37. "Socialist examples?" Your opium example. For example. Socialist, the opposite of libertarian, is "the belief in or advocacy of the initiation of force or fraud to achieve political or social ends". Old school stuff. Because you refer to gov action, it is automatically socialist, as gov is inherently force initiating. Did they allow free competition to their opium? Think!

    See Murray Rothbard "For a New Liberty" or Ken Burns "Prohibition" for more. At least they realized the alcohol war needed an amendment. The rest of the federal drug stuff is entirely unconstitutional on the simple facts.

  38. The greatest threat to the USA is the presence of many white dumb fat people like you
    This is what is sinking the USA
    And this is a damn good thing!

    Go Iran!
    Go Venezuela!

    Maduro Rocks
    And so Iran!

    Just sayin!

  39. No amount of self-deluded sophistry can erase the deaths off the statistician's books, or the sorrow from the hearts of the abused and neglected children.

  40. Why blame those profiting from telling the irrational and the inept what they want to hear?

    A couple of reasons:

    • The people who are selling kids a story are far more responsible for their actions than kids who are, well, kids.
    • The people spreading such ideas are more limited in numbers, and what we are concerned about is their public actions. It's much easier to stop a smaller group of people from taking certain public actions than to stop a much larger group of people from having incorrect thoughts.
  41. As with the original chickens and eggs, the original engineering training and jobs were long, long ago and makes no difference to someone trying to make a choice today.

  42. Selling things routinely to multiple people is a "business".
    Socialist examples? I have no idea what you are referring to.
    Prohibition did improve things. Life expectancy went up 6 years during Prohibition, the fastest gain we ever had. 
    Child abuse and wife-beating was at very high levels prior to Prohibition. So was the father squandering nearly his entire paycheck at the local tavern on payday, leaving the family to beg for scraps from their neighbors. This was the main reason for prohibition. Nothing to do with health. Not even about homeless alcoholics.
    Women became alcoholics too often buying "tonics" from scamming door to door salesmen.

  43. The addictive drug is the tool of the exploiter…those who enjoy getting desperate people to do anything and everything that is against their code of ethics and every moral fiber of their being to serve the whim of these exploiters. These exploiters are the oppressors of the desperate, damaged, and hopeless, enslaving them.
    No child is going to say: "No, I don't want to become any kind of professional, I just want to be an addict wandering the street, stealing, scavenging, lying and begging to get a few dollars for my next fix until the toxic effects, poor nutrition or exposure to the weather kills me…or some other addict kills me thinking I still have my money for my next fix." 
    "Primal science"…even Google couldn't help me. Talk in English.
    Addiction is biochemical. Often the brain adjusts to a drug that is provoking a change. Then when the drug is removed, the brain can't revert to the former state quickly, resulting in withdrawal.
    Trivializing the danger and harm of these chemicals is fact averse.
    95,000 deaths each year in the US due to alcohol abuse.
    70,000 deaths each year due to drug overdoses.
    And that is the tip of the iceburg. There are many early deaths that are not "overdose". And many people end up comiting suacide because they realize their entire life revolves arround their next fix, and can't see any way out. Then there are all the people injuried by the addicted. Abuse, or even a minor financial loss can put an honest person on the street.

  44. Nope. politics. bandwidth availability. big IP contractual arrangements. The best tech is not guaranteed of success. Its who you know and what country you're from/ do business in. Game of Phones.

  45. he's just an Influencer. Take away his followers/ investors and he is a ranting, opportunist, like 50% of all business majors. Right place. Right time. Not in top 10% in any metric.

  46. not sure a 6- or 12-year old is thinking about job prospects. If you are already 16 and haven't figured out your rational vs creative trajectory you're stuck in non-technical, minimum wage land. You need to embed rational creativity, inquiry, and analytical skills pre-puberty. The idea that you can stumble out of high school into whatever profession and make it in the top 25% or top 10% of your profession – nonsense. Career planning as a freshman in high school at the latest.

  47. Smh… Genetic disorders do not a gender make.

    And 2+2 is still equal to 4.

    Unless the numbering system is specified, it's SOP to assume base 10… And if you're trying to change the numbering system in order to make you're argument, all you're doing is proving that 11 (base 3) and 10 (base 4) is 4 (base 10)…. In other words, you've proved nothing except that you like to obfuscate.

    And no, the greatest threat to George Floyd was his own actions.

  48. Pedantry. Those aren't genders, besides XX and XY they are rare disorders. Just because you can find me a human born with 3 legs and a dog born with 2 doesn't invalidate the idea that Homo Sapiens have 2 legs and Canis Familiaris have 4 legs.

    How many unarmed black people were killed in the US by police last year? We actually do have an institutional racism problem but it is against white people.

  49. "It is drug business that has caused mass suffering" So, why do you use socialist examples? These guys were initiating force to keep out competition. Business? Get those definitions cleaned up! Our Pharma gov sanctioned fraud is little different. The new addicts find that street versions are cheaper, btw, even with the War. Only a power addict would think that prohibition improves things. The destruction of Central America is just an afterthought to them, if they even see the connection. Why do they leave and try to come here? Duh!

  50. "The war on drugs IS rational." Primal Science gives the best anti drug message there is: drug use is a symptom of mental illness. All addictions are, esp power addiction, the most dangerous addiction of all. Far and away. Given that, whether the war is to remove drugs or monopolize them, it looks the same, they are trying to keep willing buyers from buying from willing sellers, a socialist idea. A power addict idea. A symptom of neurosis. A danger that must be outlawed. An idea that must be outlawed. Other ideas are dangerous too!!!! We must outlaw them.

  51. "Nonaddictive drugs" The solid proof of changes that epigentics provide is the best for the skeptic of Primal science, but the explanation of addiction is better science, for understanding. Pain is what is repressed. Pain killers thus are a topic of interest, clearly. If there is no Pain, there can be no addiction. This is what is observed. Addiction is what happens when painkillers *help* the repression to such an extent that it is relaxed, and cannot easily resume the task when the painkiller wears off. The Pain must be stopped. More drugs! And, LSD etc are for those who have too strong a repression, and get to see a little life for a while. Very dangerous.

    So, addiction is a way of repressing Pain. As power addiction is a result of childhood powerlessness Pain. To be addicted to oppressing addicts is a terrible place to find one's self, no?

  52. "The number of crack babies and such would skyrocket." Janov agrees with you about crack babies. So do I, as I was one. When the story started, the importance of stopping their terrifying birth circumstance was clear. Then, straight suburban women were having them. They were doing crack too!!! No, actually the crack users were also heavy nic users, not unexpected when you think of it. As were the straight women having crack babies, such as my mother. It is nic withdrawal. Story gone! "Above all else, the mother should refrain from nic while pregnant" -Janov

    Reminds me of the drug smuggling cult that sacrificed the kidnapped student to protect their trade, as I said, a cult. Big story. Then, a small story reported that the cult members would be executed if found to have used any drugs. They were just religious businessmen maximizing their profits who were personally anti drug. Story GONE!

  53. Gender is a matter of definition:
    For instance you could say there are at least 6 genders based on chromosomes:
    X – Roughly 1 in 2,000 to 1 in 5,000 people (Turner's )
    XX – Most common form of female.
    XXY – Roughly 1 in 500 to 1 in 1,000 people (Klinefelter)
    XY – Most common form of male.
    XYY – Roughly 1 out of 1,000 people.
    XXXY – Roughly 1 in 18,000 to 1 in 50,000 births.

    2+2=11 in base 3 or =10 in base 4

    Greatest threats depends on the individual and their perspective, for George Floyd institutional racism was probably the greatest threat to him.

  54. Yes, altho some say *a* market can be so distorted that it essentially does not exist. Street corner drugs in Singapore, the usu example. But your observation is true. The problem is that people in power don't realize that that implies certain things about unexpected market responses. They think they are in control!

  55. There are two approaches to compete: (1) the Tesla one of innovating faster, tricky with the 1000s of Chinese engineering Graduates and PhDs coming into the market each year. (2) Protectionism on equipment and technology, but given time China will develop its own homegrown software and hardware base. EUV just happens to be the hardest to copy, so the US has a window of opportunity to get ahead.

  56. 5G? That boat has sailed folks. The only point of leverage now is in 6G. The US has no leg to stand on since US organizations skipped most of the 5G meetings, unlike Huawei, who effectively controlled the standards process because NO ENTITY OF IMPORTANCE SHOWED UP REGULARLY.

    Now, 5G utilization research, for industrial and IoT stuff, that might have legs. There's been a trend of private 5G deployments for specialist use, where wifi won't cut it. Some of the more advanced automated warehouse robot systems that use huge clusters of semi-autonomous robots are using private 5G for the control network.

  57. EUV is stupid expensive stuff, though it kinda has to be. It getting so advanced, it might as well be magic.

  58. Biden is a very bad president. I guess you forgot about the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens invading our country. Trump had it under control and Biden sought a surge on day one of his term.

  59. The war on drugs IS rational. Many of these are very dangerous. Take opioids…um…so to speak. Tens of thousands of Americans dead from the crud. Why shouldn't we protect people from dangerous chemicals?

    It is drug business that has caused mass suffering. The English were big into the drug trade. That is why they took over India. They wanted the opium so they could force the Chinese to get addicted and pay them back the gold they had to keep paying for anything Chinese, as the Chinese did not want anything the British produced.
    The tobacco business in the North American Colonies was just another drug racket. The ethics of drug dealers is what brought the slaves to the new world.
    Tobacco, and weed, should be outlawed, perhaps even hard liquor, as well as all these obviously dangerous drugs.

    However, I do think there are things that require prescriptions that should not. Nonaddictive drugs/medications with only rare or mild negative side effects should not be restricted. This is all a medical monopoly ripoff. I am even OK with performance enhancing (physical or mental) drugs, provided they are reasonably safe. And doctors should be able to prescribe drugs that have been approved in other reasonably cautious countries. 

    Maybe there would be less Police called in to catch drug dealers, if all the drugs were legal. But that does not mean there would be less death, and destroyed lives. It would be vastly worse. The number of crack babies and such would skyrocket.

  60. Don't look at infant gender conformity operations. You may get upset. *Supremacy* or domination by the power addicted neurotic self humiliating is the threat. To all, not just Americans. Color don't matter at all, or the majority of the world thru history would have been a libertarian paradise. It is "culture", the System imposed by our various cultures on our children, that is to be judged. And changed. And destroyed where appropriate. The Primal Revolution is upon us.

  61. "these things have a momentum of their own too." They are self organized dissipative structures. The problem is that the energy source, the energy that is dissipated, is *repressed* childhood trauma. It is unconscious and involuntary, so escapes the normal limits of reality. See that anywhere?

    100+ year War on Drugs is big part of police problem. Stop War on Drugs, that will in effect defund the police problem it causes. Now, you have to support the War on Drugs to be police. You have to be a power addict.

    I used to drive by tents where one Oral Roberts wuz doin' the crazy. Prosperity plus Heaven AND eternal life. Who would believe it?

  62. #1 Nature v Nurture, settled forever by epigenetics.
    #5 Zero idea that we are in a market, even if distorted. TANSTAAFL.

  63. Way to encourage best people to do more engineering is to have a dream in their souls. "Why do you think Earth needs space?"

  64. Actually, #2-5 you can easily chalk up to political campaign contributions or advertising by special interests. Without that, politicians would be doing the things the founders intended, and the bulk of the problems would not be present.

  65. Every attempt I make to even describe the problem seems to miss 90%.
    People are easily lead especially when they hear things that make them feel better about themselves or worse about others, because their minds are not active, prepared and skilled. Large numbers of Americans have a very poor comprehension of reality, and atrocious thinking skills. I think we don't teach these skills much in elementary or HS because kids will poke holes in parent's reasoning, and the parents will raise hell.
    #1 problem: nutrition in the unborn and the 8 or so years after. Iodine especially. Iodine is particularly low in the soil in the Northwest and around the great lakes. Choline, lots of fruit, and fish also helps. Everyone is so convinced that IQ and other gifts come from genes, when data clearly shows that early nutrition, injuries, infections, neglect/abuse and toxins can easily account for virtually all variation. There are exceptions like trisomies, sociopathy, perhaps some artistic abilities, some anxiety/depression (though small amounts of lithium in the water and getting more gelatin can help).
    #2 problem: toxins, heavy metals, air pollution, organophosphate pesticides, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PDBEs):
    #3 Mistaken thinking that all government spending is good for the economy (Keynes).
    #4 The belief that inconsiderate greed is good.
    #5 Zero effort to approach perfect market competition (opposite in fact).

  66. The media is obviously a major factor. But these things have a momentum of their own too. Youtube especially is just filled with wackos that have been empowered and inspired, fanning flames.
    Smartphones shooting video of everything is a factor as well. It is not so much that it is showing something that is not real. It is that we lose perspective, and can't recognize how statistically rare something is that we are seeing. When the same video is seen 1,000 times, people tend to think it is representative. Though, clearly some cities' police departments are doing a rather pathetic job training and screening.
    Then there is the thousands of pasters all over this country that have climbed onto the Trump bus, conflating conservationism with Christianity. They are not remotely the same thing…but they keep pushing this connection because they are getting more money in the offering plate. Total corruption in my opinion. It used to be that if you pushed political candidates from the pulpit, that you lost your tax exempt status. That needs reinstated.

    And there is now no one advocating meritocracy. That is what leads to effective government, effective companies, and good order.
    Good old Boy
    Hiring people that look like you.
    Hiring union bias
    The idea that you should only care about your own and favor them in all things is just sickening.

    All of this is despicable and leads to poorly operating companies, governments, and fewer and less competent college graduates.

  67. Why blame those profiting from telling the irrational and the inept what they want to hear? Will not telling them their delusions are real somehow make them rational-NO.

    Credulous people choose to be the way they are because it is easy, basic competence requires effort. Why blame yourself for your failed existence when you can blame someone unlike yourself, it's the only thing that makes life at the bottom bearable.

  68. Where would we be without the bogeymen scaring the masses, you should thank China for their help in this case.

  69. Both our political parties are off the reservation. As an independent voter I can name at least as many, and more damaging to the country, coming from the right. Personally I blame our media, where all the most destructive and bizarre ideas seem to be promoted by the talking bobble heads. They're profiting from us being sent down the many and varied partisan rabbit holes they themselves invented, most of the time out of thin air.

  70. Related, just read all I could find about Bezos rocket flight plans, all sorts of descriptions of his past interest in Space. No mention of O'Neill. No hint in this bill of O'Neill knowledge. Just sayin'

  71. It's not going to help until you deal with the people who think there are more than 2 genders, that 2+2 doesn't equal 4, and that the greatest threat to Americans is white supremacy.

  72. $1.2 billion over 4 years for the manufacturing USA program buys only 10 of the latest EUV Scanners

  73. Their processes recycle a ludicrous amount of water, not requiring a constant supply. Also see humidity.

  74. The British f’d up in Afghanistan. The Russians pretty much duplicated their efforts. And now us. Armed people indigenous to a homeland or region don’t like being messed with. See Vietnam.

  75. Nothing for education? To help churn out a few more (many thousands) of engineers and scientists?

  76. Why are chip manufacturers not located near the Great Lakes region? I was under the impression that these indistries were significant water users?

  77. The US has been in Afghanistan for 20 years and accomplished what? Time to pull out and give China a turn. They have extra males to burn.

  78. This is the way to compete with China, much better than focusing solely on sanction. This is also a great way to bypass the deadlock with the Republicans on a proper infrastructure bill that the country so badly needs. Biden is turning out to be a great president, except of course the looming disaster that he is going to bring by having all US and allies troops leave Afghanistan prematurely which very quickly is going to bring an ugly Taliban take over and Afghanistan returning to become a hotbed for terrorism and regression with global consequences.

  79. "and advanced nuclear technologies including for the purposes of electric generation" Finally, Space Solar!

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