$25 Million Raised for SENS Antiaging Research Via Pulsechain Crypto Drive

Pulsechain has raised $25,000,000 for antiaging medical research after 5 days of a 14 day fundraiser. You must follow the SENS.org PulseChain instructions. Sacrifices to SENS.org during the sacrifice phase earn 25% less points compared to sacrifices at Pulse.info. SENS.org can also accept stocks and bank wires. Once the sacrifice phase is over, the total sacrifice points for each sacrificer’s address’s points (at the same metamask address) are totaled up across all the supported chains and the SENS.org report. This creates a list of sacrificers ranked by total points from largest to smallest.

SENS Research Foundation has been working to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time. SENS is redefining the way the world researches and treats age-related ill health, while inspiring the next generation of biomedical scientists. Aubrey dr Grey and SENS have been the leading proponents of repairing aging damage to reverse aging effects. They have been leading the research effort for aging damage repair for over 20 years.

The Crypto world has been very supportive of SENS and antiaging research. In 2018, SENS received a $2.4 million Ethereum donation from Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum and the co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine.

Cryptocurrency HEX founder Richard Heart is creating a new currency, Pulse. Prior to the launch of this new cryptocurrency, Richard is doing an Airdrop – giving away some Pulse – and he’s doing it to support the SENS Research Foundation (SRF).

Richard Heart is asking that people “sacrifice”, or make a donation, to SRF during the sacrifice phase. Those that make a donation to SRF (SENS research foundation) will be entered into the Airdrop and a given chance to earn Pulse when it launches, free of charge. SRF stress that interested parties should NOT make any donation until they are notified by SRF that the sacrifice phase has begun; however, if you are interested, please do notify SRF of your intention to donate.

SOURCES- SENS, Pulse, Longevity Technology
Written by Brian Wangm Nextbigfuture.com

8 thoughts on “$25 Million Raised for SENS Antiaging Research Via Pulsechain Crypto Drive”

  1. there will be impediments but there will be also a negative PR which might bring more attention to the field

  2. Do you expect Aubrey de Grey current, shall we say "embarrassment", will add significant inertia to the research efforts?

  3. a few of these companies are even public, many more are investor-friendly, and most have very transparent research programs… seems easy to pick-and-choose a portfolio of them to the vigilant return-focused-philanthropist.

  4. A sad story amongst many – noble causes/ industries that start as fragile, unstructured messes; built on dreams and individual passion but without a significantly advanced tech platform and a common focus by its most advanced researchers. Tis the time for a Steve Jobs or other semi-knowledgeable (but not angel investor or other biased party) visionary to steer the smart-but-unfocused.

  5. Not clear on who manages the money and how it is distributed; what criteria for funding, acknowledgement, and even inclusion into the club. Reminds me of that orange hallowe'en penny box charity system from 5, 10, 20 years ago – so noble on its face and at the outset, but when less than 20c on the dollar (reportedly) were actually funding items and people in these far-flung disaster zones – you know that administration, efficiency, and savior-faire were not the high points of this 'feel good' cause — i get the same cringey 'pangs' with this anti-aging approach.

  6. Agreed. The SENS model of 'fix it faster than it can be broken, while still keeping all of a person's basic humanity' is fundamentally vague and fraught with expensive 'investigations' of hugely complex systems… Though the presence of such a vast collection of companies with specific initiatives, with loose ties to this idea and its core tenets…
    Is compelling in a 'throw the paint against the wall and see what sticks' kind of way, but fewer umbrella companies with more focus….

  7. A truly bizarre investment/ charity/ blockchain-ish model. As the crypto-millionaires and newly-minted-peasants allow their overflow and former nest-eggs to flow, respectively, forth to the various causes, investments, and indulgences, so we should fear this roller coaster of speculative 'pyramid-scheme' shenanigans. Poor positions, dwindling acceptance in several countries and financial sectors, and the likely 'next big fintech' 'sucking sound' will bring heart-break to all but the early cronyist-core-savants of such fly-by-night creations. We must as well, be fearful of the grand promises of SENS, a noble initiative to reduce overall suffering (as if ageing was the only suffering) through well defined categories, but essentailly a medical free-for-all of 'shots in the dark' garage-type labs and academic projects — poorly supported by FDA clinical standards and current definitions of pathologies (aging is not formally a 'disease'). Certainly a big supporter of valid initiatives such as senescent cell clearance — possibly an excellent advocate that spawned more widespread investigation — but a chaos nonetheless. Without a Musk-ian leader and narrowed lines of research, you have a minefield of big promises but bigger financial/technical implosions of money as ill-conceived start-ups flounder and perish. One may say it is never too early for such valuable initiatives, but we are experienced enough to see an industry in need of a Shepard. Invest wiser.

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