China Tesla Model Y Goes Head to Head Versus BYD Han EV

A standard-range version of the Model Y crossover starts from 276,000 yuan ($42,600) in China. It will have 525 kilometer of range. BYFD has the all-electric Han with a range of 550 km (340 mi) and costs 279,500 yuan.

BYD Han electric EV sold about 8k in June versus 28K MIC Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. BYD had 20k all EV sales in June.

Written By Brian Wang, (Brian owns shares of tela

8 thoughts on “China Tesla Model Y Goes Head to Head Versus BYD Han EV”

  1. Do people really compare electric cars based on their range?

    Reminds me of when people compared MP3 players based on how many GB were in the hard drive.

  2. Mostly not angering the CCP, back door tech transfer and lower wages but mostly not angering the CCP.

  3. 25% import tariffs, lower wages, and probably less red tape if you stay on the right side of the CCP.

  4. That is a great question.

    And what about the power players in Washington D.C. who enrich themselves by selling off our technology, IP, and supply chains? Both Democrats and Republicans do it.

    It seems like a form of treason to me…

  5. I am rather confused as to why Tesla does not just import the Cars. Why does it need to produce the cars in China to sell them?

  6. It is good that there are companies in China that can compete head to head with Tesla. That also happens in Europe and soon in Japan and the US. No need to fall into a simplistic erroneous mindset that there will be only one winner. The worrisome side is that there are more of those in China. Are we going to end up in a world of Chinese car makers Tesla and VW just the way that we already are in a world of Chinese mobile phone makers, Samsung and Apple?

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