Excess Deaths and Longevity Impact During the Pandemic

Updated estimates indicate that COVID-19 reduced overall 2020 US life expectancy by 1.31 years, from 78.74 years to 77.43 years. The reductions are 3.2 times as large for the Latino population (3.03 years) and twice as large for the Black population (1.90 years) compared with the White population (0.94 years).

Early analysis of excess deaths during the pandemic indicates there were increases in murders, suicides, drug overdoses and deaths from delayed medical treatment.

Globally, there were excess deaths from more people falling back into extreme poverty.

SOURCES= USC, CDC, Jama Network
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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  1. By leaving out that we had poor and few tests initially that underestimated Covid-19 deaths, it suggests the excess deaths beyond official Covid-19 numbers were attributable to things other than Covid-19. Many people in the US died early in the pandemic without ever being diagnosed. 
    Giving people money who are already on a fixed income and barely affected by the pandemic was dim. Stimulus is what you got. A lot of "self-medication", and dangerous levels of supplements, hawked online. How many people's health was pushed over the edge because of drugs, alcohol, wrong supplements or eating poorly because they bought all the wrong foods. They could have bought soup, beans, frozen vegetables, frozen fish, canned chicken, dried fruit, nuts…but they bought cheese puffs, pretzels, chips, processed meats, soda, ice cream, butter, microwave popcorn, and gallons of mayo. Good advise for what to get should have been given and all the jobs making any of that should have been classified as "essential"…their suppliers…and been issued N95 masks.
    Official suggestions for safe effective ways to exercise in the home should have been given, and encouraged. They should have warned people about doing construction in their home while intoxicated.
    Fauci's encouragement of alcohol was profoundly stupid and destructive not only damaging health but causing domestic violence, and accidents.

  2. The thing is, there's not a lot of evidence that the lockdowns actually reduced Covid deaths, and the above causes of death Brian is talking about are not actually cased by Covid, they were caused by the lockdowns. 

    I guess you could say that they're iatrogenic… 

    The main determinants of covid deaths were actually things like whether the elderly were properly isolated vs deliberately exposed, nutritional status, and general health. Covid has a substantially lower death rate than influenza until you're at least middle aged, and only becomes seriously deadly in the elderly or already sickly.


  3. What people have not grasped yet is that Covid is the new norm. There are other pandemics flaring now along Covid 19. Our collective immunity has been lowering for sometime by air pollution and bad diet. Most of us will get by getting re-infected periodically protected by booster shots against new variants every 3 month. If we are serious about tackling the fundamentals of the malaise, we will move away from the hazards of processed food, GMO and pro viral gluten, dairy products and eggs. We will clean away pollutants, especially those spread in the air by the chemical industry.



  4. Maybe, just maybe, not giving a decent care to people with covid is the cause of a large majority of these deaths. Not covid per se.

    Like thyroid tumors after Chernobyl are caused by Socialist decision to let people eat contaminated food not just nuclear energy.

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