From a Control Room Engineer to a Games Developer, Top Careers for Tech Fans

Above – Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

If you love technology, then luckily there are many careers out there which are well suited for you. After all, sometimes the hardest aspect of finding a job is whittling down your interest and deciding exactly which route you should take. You want to ensure that it is something that you are going to enjoy, that offers the wage you need and you are qualified for, or can get the training in order to begin. Before going into a new career, it is a good idea to do your research. Be sure to speak to people who are already in that area and can give you tips and advice, or do your research online. Here we have put together some career ideas for if you are a technology fan.

Control Room Engineer

If you are looking for a job as a control room engineer, this is the perfect role for any technology fan. There are many companies out there such as that are offering a new era of control centres. With process automation, ease of sharing and managing information, ease of sharing and interconnection, working in Control Rooms has never been so advanced as it is now. It is a job where you are sure to learn a lot and know you are making a difference.

Games Developer

If you love computer games, then why not look into a career as a games developer? Within this role, you will take a look at the designs and drawings from a video game designer and then turn them into a real, playable game. You will be in charge of the more technical aspects of the game, writing code, creating the game and then testing this works as it should.

Web Developer

There has never been such a good time to create websites as now, when more and more companies are looking for websites to support their businesses and get them ahead of the competition. As a web developer, you will build websites for your clients, adjusting as needed depending on the designs and specifications and sorting out the coding, layout and overall look of the site. It will be up to you to suggest changes and ensure that client is happy with the end result.

IT Support

As an IT support officer, you will help to maintain and monitor computer systems in a company. You will be there to assist if they run into any problems with the hardware or software and to answer questions or queries should the team have any. You will be their main point of call when they need help with their computers and related systems so will need to be a quick thinker, good at working out what is wrong with a system and able to work efficiently.

These are just a few career ideas if you are looking for a job within the technology industry. Remember to research and find out the attributes you will need for this new position and how you can go about getting a role in that field.