Tesla AI Day August 19 – Expect Tesla AI to 2030 Vision

Elon Musk says that the Tesla AI day will be August 19.

There is a version 9.1 beta FSD (Full self driving) update coming on tomorrow.

There would likely be another v9.2 update on August 19. Tesla would have about 6 weeks of FSD beta experience by Tesla AI day. Tesla could have a better feel for its FSD schedule by the August 19 AI day.

Another primary goal AI day will be for Tesla to recruit more AI developer talent.

Tesla is at Level 2 currently. Tesla told regulators that the ratio of driver interaction would need to be in the magnitude of 1 or 2 million miles per driver interaction to move into higher levels of automation. Major developments with FSD and robotaxi will require the pace of FSD and AI improvement to be radically accelerated with the Dojo training supercomputer and automatic labeling. We will see this pace based upon the frequency of self-driving updates and the amount of FSD functional improvement between updates. We will also see an indication of Tesla confidence in its FSD when they expand the FSD beta to more people and when there will be an opt-in button for FSD beta. Elon has said the more public FSD beta would likely be version 10 or version 11.

Tesla had Tesla Autonomy Day in April 2019 and Tesla Battery Day September 22, 2020.

Tesla Autonomy Day revealed details of Tesla AI chip.

Battery Day revealed the 4680 battery and the structural battery plans. Tesla laid out a roadmap to 2030 for its battery scaling.

Tesla is calling this AI Day. Nextbigfuture believes this will describe a longer-term vision. This will have some description of the FSD roadmap but perhaps a longer-term vision to adapt the full self-driving capability to autonomous robots.

Tesla has ambitions beyond FSD for cars and I expect this will be Tesla and Elon see AI vision from now to 2030. An exciting and bold vision will be the draw for AI talent to join to make it happen. Tesla excited engineers and Tesla investors with its 4680 vision. Tesla wants to excite developers and investors with a grand long-term AI vision.

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (brian owns shares of Tesla)