Tesla FSD, Factory, 4680 Battery and Cybertruck Updates

Elon Musk said the wide beta release of Full Self Driving will not be with the current version 9. It will be with version 10 or version 11.

Troy Teslike indicates that Giga Texas will start production with Cybertruck using 4680 cells in structural battery packs.

The Texas Factory is about 71% complete and should be fully complete by December 2021. The Texas Factory can start production before it is fully complete. Berlin is also at a similar completion level. Tesla Berlin will take several months longer to have ites 4680 battery production ready. Tesla Berlin will start producing cars with 4680 batteries sent from Giga Texas.

SOURCES- Troy Teslike, Elon Musk, the Tesla Space,
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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