Youtuber Meet Kevin Has Best Odds to Replace Gavin Newsom

The Prediction site Predictit Gives Youtuber Kevin Paffrath (aka Meet Kevin), a 9% chance to replace Gavin Newsom as governor of California.

Kevin is knowledgable about business and technology and is willing to do the work. He has creative solutions.

Meet Kevin Paffrath for Governor 2021

Kevin Paffrath has said he would declare four States of Emergency on Day 1:

* State of Emergency: Ending Homelessness within 60 days.
* State of Emergency: Housing Crisis: State to Take Over ALL Building and Safety/ Development for Expediting Building Permits IMMEDIATELY.
* State of Emergency: Creating Future Schools to immediately provide a free path to financial, vocational, high school, and college education in ONE platform.
* State of Emergency: Transportation: Immediately authorizing and requiring private proposals for tunnels, variable toll roads, mass transit, roads, and ending High-Speed-Rail Funding.

Meet Kevin Paffrath will also introduce legislation on day one to waive income taxes on the first $250,000 of income, permanently. He also intends to legalize gambling.

Meet Kevin Paffrath also intends to institute community policing and incentivize localized manufacturing and utilize a Carbon Tax to offset the removal of taxes on $250,000 of income for workers and investors.

SOURCES- Meet Kevin, PredictIt
Written By Brian Wang,