17% Increase in Half-Year US Clean Power Installation for Nearly 10GW Added

The US installed 9.915 GW of wind, utility-scale solar, and battery storage capacity in the first half of 2021.

The American Clean Power (ACP) Association shows that second-quarter installations rose by 13% on the year after 5,620 MW of capacity was put on stream. The country added 2,226 MW of solar, 2,824 MW of wind, and 570 MW of battery storage capacity, marking quarter-on-quarter increases in each segment. The highest growth was registered for battery storage installations, which is up 439% sequentially.

The top five states for second-quarter additions include Texas (1,489 MW), California (585 MW), Michigan (424 MW), Florida (373 MW) and Kansas (301MW).

In total, there are now over 180,216 MW of clean power capacity operating in the U.S, enough to power over 50 million homes across the country and more than double the U.S. capacity just five years ago. This growth will continue, at the end of the second quarter there were 906 projects totaling over 101,897 MW of clean power capacity under construction (37,725 MW) or in advanced development (64,172 MW) across the U.S.

SOURCES – American Clean Power (ACP) Association
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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