Blue Origin BE4 Engine Likely Slipping to 2022

In 2014, Blue Origin said the BE-4 engine would be ready by 2017 but it is likely slipping to 2022.

ULA need BE-4 for its new Vulcan rocket and Blue Origin needs it for the New Glenn rocket.

Blue Origin did not have enough components to build development engines, and this has led to long periods without active testing.

SpaceX has built about as many 50-meter Starship prototypes in the last two years as Blue Origin has built BE-4 development engines in five years.

Blue Origin has had a new Senior Vice President John Vilja for the last two years. He has put the BE-4 program back on track.

Blue Origin works with the ULA and the US military has meant a lot of regulations and filing of test paperwork.

SOURCES – Ars Technica
Written by Brian Wang,

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