Boring Tunneling Cost Predicted to Be $4-5 Million Per Mile

Boring Revolution follows the work at the Boring Company very closely. He is projecting Boring Company to reach about 50-70 Meters per day in 2021 and just under $6 million per mile. This would be about a mile of tunneling per month. Will projects Boring Company improving quite a bit of next 3 years and then leveling off in improvement. He thinks Boring Company will level out at tunneling a mile in ten days and the cost per mile to level out at $4 million per mile.

This would be far less than Boring Company goals. The Boring Company’s Prufrock digging machine is designed to tunnel at a speed that’s greater than 1 mile per week. This is already six times faster than Godot+, the machine that completed the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop. The Boring Company has the goal for an all-electric TBM’s goal to exceed 1/10 of a human’s walking speed (5000 meters per hour). One-tenth of walking speed is 500 meters per hour. This would be far beyond what Boring Revolution is expecting.

The key improvements in the Prufrock-2 are installing the precast segments while the TBM is advancing (without having to stop the TBM), use of electricity rather than diesel (make the ventilation system easier), and use of rubber tire locomotives or cars to transport spoils out of the tunnel (less groundborne noise, vibration, and above-ground settlement).

Boring Revolution is expecting Boring Company to get close to its near-term goal of 1 mile per week with 1 mile in 9 days. This would still be disruptive.

SOURCES- Torque News, Boring Revolution, Boring Company
Written by Brian Wang,