Could Tesla Mass Produce Dojo AI Cloud Systems

Tesla revealed its Exapod Dojo supercomputer made from 10 cabinets of servers. Each rack has 6 tiles with 9 Petaflops in each tile. Each cabinet is 100 petaflops.

The fastest AI supercomputer is Nvidia Selene with 2.8 Exaflops of performance.

In 2020, Nvidia Selene was 1 Exaflop and cost about $56 million. The Nvidia Selene was 280 DGX A100 AI compute cabinets. AI supercomputers are cheaper then general purpose supercomputers like the $1 billion Fugaku (400-500 Petaflop) supercomputer.

Tesla indicates that the Dojo Exapod has 5X smaller footprint and 4X the performance. Dojo 2 will have 10X the performance of Dojo 1.

I think Tesla was able to spend less than the cost of the Nvidia Selene. If Tesla could spend half the cost of the 2020 Nvidia Selene then this would be about $28 million. 110 tiles and networking and other gear for each tile would mean that each tile currently costs about $280,000.

If Tesla started mass production of the tiles to make Dojo data centers and to sell AI cloud services, then they could drive the cost per tile down to $10-30k.

This would provide more revenue for Tesla which could fund more AI hardware and software development and it would support a larger Tesla AI team.

Tesla could have 100 Tesla Dojo AI Clouds and 10 dedicated Tesla AI Dojo’s. There would be five Dojos for FSD and five for Tesla bot.

I think Tesla will mass produce the Dojo Exapods and create Tesla AI cloud service. This would be $10B+/year in revenue.

Mass producing one hundred Dojo’s could bring the cost down to $10 million each. One hundred would be $1 billion.

Tesla will need multiple or larger Dojo’s for Tesla FSD training and for Tesla bot training.

SOURCES – Forbes, PCGamer, Tesla
Written by Brian Wang,