Fire Destroyed Greenville and Threatens Paradise and Governor Newsom

The Dixie Fire is now over 434,000 acres and destroyed the town of Greenville last night.

Greensville, California has a population of 817. Taylorsville was just evacuated with a population of 198.

The #DixieFire is now the 3rd largest fire in CA history at 434,000 acres. There will be triple digit temperatures in many parts of California. It has fallen back to 21% contained.

This Dixie fire is 5-6 miles from Paradise which was burned before in 2018. Ron Howard directed the documentary film. Last time 85 people were killed in the town of 26,000 people. PGE started the last fire (Camp Fire) and started this fire (Dixie).

Chico is a few miles past Paradise. Chico has a population over 90,000. Redding is in the area about 20 miles away and has a population of over 90,000.

Fires, Covid, Drought, Recall

California Governor Gavin Newsom is undergoing a recall election.

Survey USA shows recall likely and Kevin Paffrath is in the lead if the first half of the recall happens.

The poll came from Survey USA and the San Diego Union Tribune, and was conducted among 1,100 Californians from Aug. 2 to Aug. 4. It found that 51% of respondents were in favor of recalling Newsom, while only 40% wanted to keep him in power. The previous Survey USA/San Diego Union Tribune poll from May found 36% in favor of the recall with 47% opposed.

The new poll’s other shocking finding is a new leader on question two [Which candidate should replace Newsom if he loses question one]: YouTuber Kevin Paffrath, the most high-profile Democrat on the bottom of the ballot. Paffrath received 27% support, with conservative radio host Larry Elder, who led three separate polls released in recent weeks, at 23% support. The only other candidate with double-digit support was businessman John Cox (10%).

All three crises – drought, fire and COVID-19 are becoming more acute.

If COVID-19 cases continue to climb then there is the possibility that schools could go remote as people fill out their recall vote in September.

100% of california is beyond abnormally dry and 100% in moderate drought in 2021. 95% severe drought. 88% extreme drought. 46.5% exceptional drought.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order July encouraging all Californians to reduce water use by 15%. 50 out of 58 counties are now a drought-related state of emergency.

California water regulators restricted water access for thousands of Central Valley farmers as the state endures a severe drought. Farmers are banned from diverting water for irrigation from rivers and streams around the Sacramento and San Joaquin river watersheds.

5 years in row of major PGE caused fires and there were other natural wildfires. So far 2021, 579,614 Acres burned. PGE started this years Dixie fire. Dixie fire 320000+ acres burned so far 35% contained. 434,000+ acres burned and now only 21% contained [updated Aug 6,2021]

After weeks of big jumps in cases, Covid-related hospitalizations in California were up 97% in past 10 days, bringing the total of hospitalized Covid-19 patients in the state to 5,282 on Wednesday. The number of Covid patients in state ICUs was up at close to the same rate — 88% — to 1,135. Those are the highest totals for those measures since the first week of March and unlikely the end of the increases, since hospitalizations and ICU patients are lagging indicators and cases are still rising rapidly.

LA may require vaccination proof to enter indoor public spaces like movie theaters and restaurants. California again requires masking indoors.

SOURCES- Calfire, Times of San Diego, LA Times, SF Gate,
Written By brian Wang,

12 thoughts on “Fire Destroyed Greenville and Threatens Paradise and Governor Newsom”

  1. Okay, lets get this straight, because there's no mystery to most Californians regarding these three problems.

    Wild Fires: are the result of complete nut-jobs managing this state 16 years. They refuse to allow anyone to go in and manage the land, clear detritus from the forests, and so shelter wood logging (which is actually good for forests…) Now we air pollution every season, uncontrolled fires, and tens of thousands of Californians at risk.

    Water Shortages: The geniuses running California (into the ground) for the past 16 years have squandered billions in Tax Payer funds that were supposed to go for the building reservoirs. The have emptied trillions of gallons into the Sacramento Delta to save a Bait Fish! They refuse to develop water resources because they have installed environmental radicals into the BLM…

    Covid: The emerging variants are clearly not as dangerous as before. They are more virulent (catchy) but almost no one is dying from Delta. The big scare over Delta is all about maintaining control and fixing elections. However – it won't work this time. Finally, another thing they won't tell the public about Covid (but we are) is that there is a huge immune population, and immune people have on average 10 Times More Antibodies than vaccinated people. Now think… Think hard on that last one…


  2. such is the result when you have such high BHL numbers in an electoral/dedicated-infrastructure region. Much prosetylizing, blaming, and identity-pol — very little work, focus, and practicality. It's a cautionary tale to be sure.

  3. agreed? so much potential. so much inability to commit to investment. Which is weird – the tax base is so big and people so willing to contribute.

  4. go big or go home, amirite? CA isn't the type. There will be a sad, pathetic adapatation of reduced supply, scarcity, and regs – so many regs. Also, CA likes emigration and civil unrest (outside of LA).

  5. Drought – desalinization.
    Fire – underground lines, breaks, and forced burns.
    Covid – public events' vaccine passports.
    Easy: spend the $100B over the next 10 years on these things or become a developing country-state with colossal insurance costs, emigration, and civil unrest.

  6. The ridiculous recall fiasco estimated to have a price tag of $400 million, foisted upon us by members of the supposedly fiscally conservative crowd, all to protest being told to wear a mask for the common good. You should be disgusted at the temper tantrum and useless waste of money.

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