Elon Musk Reveals SpaceX Starbase Factory and Elons Five Key Steps

Elon Musk gave a tour of the Starbase Factory to the Everyday Astronaut. He says that manufacturing systems are much harder than designing rockets. He says the launch tower and launch facilities are far more challenging than the rockets.

The hard part about the Raptor engine is how do we make it for less than $1000 per ton.
Things that reduce cost per ton to orbit are good. The other key metric is cost per ton to the surface of Mars.
Everything is currently to heavy in the Super Heavy Starship. They can drop the battery mass by a factor of ten in the advanced design.

One of the big things is Elon described his 5 key steps for making things better.

1. Make your requirements less dumb. Question requirements even from very smart people. Whatever requirement you have must have a person responsible for it. If people are questioning the requirement, then you need to go back to a person who knows why the reason it was needed in the first place.
2. Try to delete processes and steps. You want to be forced to add back in at least ten percent of the steps you tried to take out. If you are not forced to add back then you are not working hard enough to remove steps.

In school, we get stait jacketed into not being allowed to question the question or questioner and not being allowed to reject questions and steps.

3. Simplify.

4. Accelerate cycle time.

5. Try to automate it.

After you have diagnosed your production line, then remove the in-process testing.

They should be testing version 2 of the Raptor engine in about one month.

Elon hates certain units of measure that make things harder to understand.

He hates newtons of force. He prefers metric tons of thrust.

He wants everyone who is working on his systems to be a chief engineer. Understand the systems at a high level. This way if you are working on details then you will know if you are or can optimize the right way.

Rocket generates a lot of hot gas. Normally the hot gases are wasted. SpaceX uses the hot gases for maneuvering.

SOURCES= Everyday Astronaut, Elon Musk
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

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