EV Sales Update for China and the World

Electric Vehicle makers Xpeng, Li Auto and Nio sold record cars in July.

Li Auto’s sales jumped 251 percent year on year in July to 8,589 units, while Xpeng’s sales surged 228 percent to 8,040 cars.

NIO delivered 7,931 vehicles in July 2021, increasing by 124.5% year-over-year. Cumulative deliveries of the ES8, ES6 and EC6 as of July 31, 2021 reached 125,528. Those are cumulative deliveries ever.

In June, 2021, the top worldwide sales were:

Tesla Model 3    70,397
Tesla Model Y    36,727
Wuling Mini EV   29,143
Volkswagen ID.4  12,262
Renault           8,447

For the first half of 2021 sales by company were:

Tesla     386,080
SAIC      246,731
VW Group  182,081
BYD        94,267
Stellatis  83,549

VS Group EV sales include the ID.4, ID.3 and sales of Audi, Porsche and other parts of VW.

Volkswagen (cars): 92,859 (up 182.4% year-over-year; share: 54.3%)
Audi: 32,775 (up 69.3% year-over-year; share: 19.2%)
Porsche: 19,822 (up 342.2% year-over-year; share: 11.6%)
Skoda: 17,697 (up 257.2% year-over-year; share: 10.4%)
SEAT: 6,172 (up 186.4% year-over-year; share: 3.6%)
Volkswagen (commercial vehicles): 1,164 ( up 117.2% year-over-year)
other (MAN): 450 (up 368.8% year-over-year)
Total: 170,939 (up 165.2% year-over-year)

Top 5 all-electric cars - H1 2021
Volkswagen ID.4 - 37,292 (6,230 in the U.S.)
Volkswagen ID.3 - 31,177
Audi e-tron (incl. Sportback) - 25,794 (6,884 in the U.S.)
Porsche Taycan (incl. Cross Turismo) - 19,822 (5,367 in the U.S.)
Volkswagen e-up! - 17,890 

VW delivered 12000 EVs in China for April, May and June. TSLA manufactured about 92,000 vehicles in China and sold about 63,500 in the country in Q2 (April, May, June). VW has started selling the ID.6 electric seven-seat SUV and sold about 334 in China in June.

SOURCES – EV Volumes, Fortune, SCMP, cleantechnica, Yahoo
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian owns shares of Tesla)

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  1. Anything that leads to the automotive landscape returning to a pre-monstrous fleet of large trucks and suvs is preferred, if you’re serious about resource conservation and pollution.

  2. Now now, no need to be conspiratorial. The administration is raising the price of everything, not just gasoline.

  3. The Administration is desperate to get the price of gasoline up to $5 a gallon, so EVs make some kind of financial sense.

  4. I'm not planning on buying a car anytime soon but were I buying a car for myself I would be hard pressed to not get the ID4. I'm planning on my next car purchase being in five years so by then lots of choices.

    Also the number of Taycan's sold is impressive given the price.

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