First Pre-Production Model Y at Giga Texas

Joe Tegtmeyer posted a photo of the completely finished Model Y produced at Giga Texas. This shows things are on track for the start of production from Giga Texas in October.

Tesla started Shanghai production December 2019 and soon reached 1000 cars per week with one shift and reached 8000 per week by the end of that year.

SOURCES – Joe Tegtmeyer
Written by Brian Wang,

3 thoughts on “First Pre-Production Model Y at Giga Texas”

  1. don't fixate on small and cheap. Cyber truck and Semi. High margin, heavy profit, and very much under-developed competition.

  2. agreed. there has been monumental 'best product at a good price and better cost' fails.
    Poor marketing, mis-understanding of target audience, unpopular association or optics-fails: vhs vs betamax, ipod vs zune, blu ray vs hd dvd…

    Even offending the local culture such as anti-union, sassing popular pick-ups, perceived elitism, insufficient associated patriotism…
    Don't count the viability of your Teslas until they have 'reached showrooms for a season or 2'…

  3. It's all about the robustness of your supply lines, follow up maintenance facilities, and allowing affordability and maximizing market access (truck or compact or SUV or large sedan in your area). –soooo, experience and ability to deal with the current dealer ecosystem.

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