Foundation Series Looks Good

Isaac Asimov’s classic science fiction series Foundation will debut globally September 24, 2021, exclusively on Apple TV+.

Hari Seldon is the hero of the series. Hari is played by Jared Harris. Harris played Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes movies and was in the Expanse for half a season. He is the son of Richard Harris.

The series is scheduled to premiere with a three-episode release, then the remaining seven episodes will be released weekly.

The books were a galaxy spanning series. The story took place of over hundreds of years in the trilogy and later were expanded.

It is unclear how the galactic and millenial scope will be adapted for the series.

13 thoughts on “Foundation Series Looks Good”

  1. Well, something that uses the name of Asimov's series of stories will debut next month. I doubt it will be worth spending time to watch. Years ago, I skipped going to the theater to see "Starship Troopers", since I expected it would be a terrible rendition of the story. From what I read in reviews, I think avoiding it was the right choice. I imagine the same will be true of this project. With few exceptions, Hollywood greatly disappoints when they try to make a movie from a book (of any genre).

  2. You bet. Yet another girl who is The Key To Everything and only she can save the world/universe/future/humanity ad nauseum.

  3. Let me guess: Diverse, androgynous girl is a Mary Sue and all white males are either evil or stupid/incompetent.
    If this series is also woke, I won't watch.

  4. Hari being a hero is a bit of a stretch, but Jared Harris has knocked out some stellar performances, notably the Chernobyl miniseries done by HBO. Lets hope the rest of the cast can keep up.

  5. I'm going in expecting an interpretation. In fact, Between the contradictions of combining Foundation with the Robot and Empire novels, and the later Foundation books going back and forth on whether science should win or some theocracy, I almost endorse an interpretation.

    I kind of hope this sets up a competition to make a better Foundation movie. People will read it, and see this movie, and some will say, "we can do better."

  6. "It is unclear how the galactic and millenial scope will be adapted for the series."

    I'm guessing that each season will be a millennium skip. Just like how For all Mankind dies a decade skip each season.

  7. If you've never seen Babylon 5, then watch it. The first season is a little rough but you'll be surprised at how well it tells an expansive story.

  8. Wouldn't be my first choice for an Asimov novel to make into a movie, that's for sure. Kind of boring, actually.

    The Gods Themselves would make a great movie, though.

  9. I haven't watched television in years. Might check this out. I always wind up disappointed when I watch something new.

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