FSD Beta 10 or 10.1 Should be Widely Available Tesla FSD

If Tesla FSD proceeds roughly on the two week schedule for updates, then a widely available Full Self Driving should be ready by the end of 2021.

This could be the timeline for Tesla FSD.
FSD 9.2 August 16, 2021
FSD 9.3 August 28, 2021
FSD 9.3 September 11, 2021
FSD 9.4 Sept 25, 2021
FSD 10.0 October 10-24, 2021
FSD 10.1 November 7, 2021

4 thoughts on “FSD Beta 10 or 10.1 Should be Widely Available Tesla FSD”

  1. I had just read the Elon tweet about FSD 10 or 10.1 and was thinking about how that fit with the other clues. The Button seems very likely in 2021. After that things get interesting. A nervous first couple weeks but afterwards a flood of new hard core driving data just when Dojo is expected to start up. AI Day this Thursday. Tesla Network beta is coming.

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