Next SpaceX Starlink Satellites Will Have Communication Lasers

SpaceX is adding laser crosslinks to Starlink satellites. These links allow satellites to transfer information to one another and communicate in other ways as well.

SpaceX will use lasers to communicate between satellites in space and reduce the use of ground stations. This will allow satellite internet coverage to reach areas where ground stations cannot be built and will reduce latency time. Latency time is the delays getting the start of a communication.

SpaceX had paused Starlink launches for two months to complete work on the laser upgrades for new satellites. The next SpaceX Starlink launch should be in three weeks.

SpaceX is also lowering the cost of the Starlink dishes. They will cut the $499 of the dish and installation in half. The dishes should get even cheaper next year.

There are delays in Starlink dishes and installations because of chip shortages. There are delays for launches because of a shortage of liquid oxygen. Vast amounts of liquid oxygen is needed for COVID patients.

Written by Brian Wang

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