Rapid Re-engineering is a Key to SpaceX and Tesla Success

Rapidly iterating on versions rockets and rocket engines is a huge advantage for SpaceX. Elon said he expects that the fifth version of the Raptor engine should be an A+ version of that engine. The second version of the Raptor is testing soon and should be about B+.

SpaceX is not only make more versions they are going to far higher production volumes for rockets and engines.

This is also happening with the Tesla cars. Tesla is making improvements and adding them while the production lines keep running. They make running changes. They made 13 changes in some areas of their Model 3s.

They make small and big changes.

The big changes are things like new alloys so that they can cast the front and back end of their vehicles without heat treating and other work.

SOURCES- elon Musk, Everyday Astronaut, Sandy Munro
Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian has shares of Tesla)

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