Sandy Munro Rants on Stupid and Biased Treatment of Tesla FSD

Sandy Munro is the CEO of Munro Associates. Munro is working with manufacturers on the designs of two large EVs and several three-wheel electric vehicles, as well as several major OEM’s in the legacy auto sector looking to stay competitive in the EV shift. Munro has also secured several long-term defense contracts, and these projects have driven the need for additional talented engineers and the new facility. The company already operates a 47,000 square foot tech center and lab in Auburn Hills. In 2020 and 2021, Munro & Associates achieved record-setting growth, has expanded its team by adding 13 employees (11 engineers and two administrators) and recently purchased another 9,000 square-foot facility in Auburn Hills, Mich. to handle newly secured projects.

Sandy and his company and done detailed breakdowns of the EVs from Ford, Tesla, Volkswagen and is deeply familiar with EVs in China and Asia. Sandy has worked closely with Asian car companies. He has analyzed all of the parts and driven the self-driving and driver-assist systems.

Sandy says:
* Tesla is the best and the leader in self-driving and driver assist
* The China companies are the closest to Tesla in EVs and driver assist
* the US and legacy automakers have crappy self-driving and driver assist.
* Sandy says it is insanely stupid for NHTSA and Congress to go over Tesla for its self-driving. It is the US shooting itself in the foot if they actually slowdown Tesla’s innovation. Combustion engine cars have far more fires than EVs. Self-driving and driver-assist are making and will make cars safer. This is the best way to radically reduce 1.3 million deaths per year from cars.

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  1. Actually, I think your example shows that people can be convinced to believe anything, so a concerted campaign to get them to believe that self driving cars are a good thing quite possibly could be successful. It wouldn't be easy. It probably could only be successful if directed by a few people who are tops in the field of shaping public opinion, and would have to be backed by people (such as the car manufacturers) with the long term interest to keep at it, even past the initial success through the period when people who would sensationalize the inevitable crashes that would seem utterly stupid when judged as if a human made the error and cancel out the progress.

    No, I'm not optimistic at all. I don't see any evidence that the car manufacturers know how to sell the idea to the public and make it accepted. I'm just explaining what would have to be done for self driving cars to succeed. From what I see at the moment, they won't.

  2. Who are the dictators? I think people use that term too loosely where it doesn't even have a meaning anymore. I most likely read Titus's comment in the wrong light since now since I've read it again he doesn't seem to say he wants to root out all Democratic voters from the country but just vote out the Democratic representatives. My bad on that one.

    Still one-party rule isn't the way to go and that sounds closer to a dictatorship then anything. The extreme views and ideas form the fringe on whichever side is something that needs to be tampered down otherwise we won't have a civilization anyone wants.

  3. I think you're too optimistic if you think that's going to fly.

    the time to allow self driving cars is when their statistical safety is better than that of human drivers (they don't have to be perfect)

    There are people literally rioting in the streets about vaccines that are 10 000 times safer than the disease they prevent, and you think they'll be OK with just "statistically safer" for self driving cars?

  4. We aren't dictators. If you try to vote us out for being dictators we'll shoot you.

    Yes. I can see how that's a convincing argument.

  5. To be clear: You consider distrust and opposition to the current relationship between social media, mainstream media, and the current party in power, distrust of Fauci and the CDC, distrust of the effectiveness and motives behind the restrictions, domestic and foreign policies of the current party in power, a belief that some of said politicians are compromised and that the media relevant agencies are willfully ignoring and downplaying relevant evidence to that effect, and a belief that the words and actions of the prior President( and general agreement with his policies foreign and domestic), to be equivalent to supporting a political ideology that supports the ultimate authority of the state – as the distilled expression of the public will – to dictate, control, and suppress every aspect of public life via a controlling in all aspects of media, industry, without regard for due process or legal checks and balances?

    That — isn't rational.

  6. (continued due to comment length limit)

    Probably the tech will be at the required better than human safety level in some environments sooner than it will be in other environments. That will make it difficult to decide when to allow self driving cars to take to the roads. Do you accept worse than human driver safety in some circumstances as long as the overall safety is better than human level safety, or do you try to allow self driving only in the circumstances where it is clearly more safe than humans and prohibit it where it is not? If so, how do you enforce that?

  7. The people who want self driving cars to become a reality have to do a few things. Main one is to mount a sustained (for many years) public education campaign to make the public realize that

    • the time to allow self driving cars is when their statistical safety is better than that of human drivers (they don't have to be perfect)
    • self driving cars will always make mistakes, but will make fewer mistakes than human drivers, and will make fewer mistakes as time goes on
    • self driving cars will make mistakes that human drivers won't make, so don't judge the mistakes by human standards
    • people injured or killed by mistakes made by self driving cars do not deserve any more compensation than they would get if injured or killed by a human driver in a comparable situation — and laws or regulations must be set up to protect the manufacturers and owners against attempts to get more payment for victims of accidents than this principle warrants

    This will have to be a sustained public education campaign because lawyers and other "victim advocates" will try repeatedly to undermine laws or regulations that establish those principles, any time there is an accident that can be turned into a big story. That will go on for at least a few decades.

    Of course, the manufacturers must get the tech to the point where the first point in my list above is met. I don't know enough about the tech to know how close they are to that level already.

  8. Yeah, they drop in every once in a while to spam the threads with downvotes and insults, then disappear again. It's a pain.

  9. Bring it puss! I dare you to come and try because a bullet will make a nice home between your ears if you're brave enough.

  10. "I never once saw Trump do anything to undermine the United States. Every action he made was America first"

    "Russia if you're listening …"

    At a news conference after the summit, President Trump was asked if he believed his own intelligence agencies or the Russian president when it came to the allegations of meddling in the elections.
    "President Putin says it's not Russia. I don't see any reason why it would be," he replied.

    Holding back military aid to an ally until that ally claims Biden is under investigation.

    Inciting an insurrection.

    America first or Trump first ?

  11. Would have been demoralizing to see Bezos claim his $10 billion participation trophy, at least there is still some visible semblance of integrity.

  12. Munro, your (only) big error is that you expect that politicians act free and reasonable. They are lobbied by..

  13. Why is it unusual for the DOJ to be uninterested in China sending Hunter Biden loads of cash, I get boat loads from China and they're not interested in me?

  14. Tesla is the best and the leader in self-driving

    A statement from senility or ignorance?

    Based on the rest of his statements, I'm going with "old man" issues.

  15. Totally agree with Munro. Incumbent lobbying at its second worst. Its worst is in relation to climate change.

  16. Very insightful Brett Bellmore. I'm glad someone knows what's really happening to America. The power flow runs downhill from CCP/China to the Fortune 500 to the political parties to the mainstream media. There is a movement afoot to push out the "China Revenue Stream Republicans" and rest control of the party back to the GOP base, but every breathing soul in the Democrat party (if they have souls) belongs to CCP/China now. The CCP have so much on our President through his traitorous deals and his sick son, Hunter, that there isn't much they can do that will even turn his head. Our current government are a bunch of Marionettes on strings to the CCP. America's only hope is if 50 Million Morons get there noses our of their damn iPhones and vote the Democrats out of everything. EVERYTHING!! They are ruining every damn thing they have stolen control of: America, the states, the cities… And we, as a people are doomed unless we unite and push these tyrants out – all across the nation!

  17. That's right, I buy the stories that are proven, and reject the ones that don't pan out. Strange, that.

    Meanwhile, Hunter is selling his mediocre art to Chinese 'investors' at half a million a pop.

  18. You'll buy that story, but you won't bat an eye at all the connections Trump has to the Russian Mafia and Putin. The fact of the matter is the corruption runs deeper than the Mariana trench on both sides of the aisle and it's high time the average citizen realizes they don't have a horse in the race. Your representation is in name only. "They" are not on your side and never will be.

    We are full speed ahead towards serfdom and most people couldn't be happier about it as long as it's "their" side leading the charge.

  19. Western politicians, especially in the US, are being paid to shoot their countries in the foot. Biden's son, Hunter, is STILL getting loads of cash sent his way from China. They're barely bothering to even launder it at this point, with the DOJ officially uninterested.

    And, anyone want to bet "the big guy" isn't still getting his cut of the loot?

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