SpaceX Adding 20,000 Starlink Users Per Month

SpaceX now has connected over 90,000 Starlink customers and is adding 20,000 users per month. The growth rate is about 30% per month.

SpaceX has over half a million orders/deposits globally. Elon Musk says SpaceX could add that many users by summer 2022. SpaceX will have to increase the pace of added users to 35,000-40,000 per month.

SpaceX is charging $99/month for beta users. SpaceX will be making about $50 million per month in the summer of 2022.

SOURCEs – Michael Sheetz, SpaceX, Elon Musk, Starlink, CNBC
Written by Brian Wang,

6 thoughts on “SpaceX Adding 20,000 Starlink Users Per Month”

  1. And then the Chinese will copy SpaceX tech
    Like they did with everybody else you own(ed)

    Poor poor pitiful ameri.tard.

  2. This is really peanuts if compared to the hundreds of millions of 5G users. Despite Trump maxiumum pressure, China is steam rolling the USA on this and other fronts And Iran is still there despite USA maximum pressure And Maduro still President of Venezuela, despite Brian said he would have been victim of a coup in 2018 (sorry Brian)
    Down to the USA

    Just sahying


  3. Imagine…

    An immigrant from South Africa who came first to Canada, then onward to the U.S. to become a citizen…

    Holding only bachelors degrees in physics and economics, he starts software company Zip2, then on to which merged with PayPal.

    And then the magic started: Musk founded SpaceX. He sought Russian help, but they spat upon him.

    Stupid Russians.

    Musk decided to build his own Rockets. Imagine, a man with no aerospace training starting his own rocket company.

    Now SpaceX is worth $74 billion and is the most successful privately owned space company ever. It will soon be the most successful space company period.

    And to think, all the Russian genius in the world can't hold a candle to an American with no formal engineering degree.

    Poor, poor, pitiful Russians…

  4. Right on track for the first 100K, next the first 1 million and on and on.

    The market for fast low latency Internet literally anywhere on Earth without other coverage is there, ripe for the taking, and I'm fairly certain it's worth more than a few tens of millions potential customers on the US and abroad.

    When they are fully deployed and going, it will be worth billions.

    Enough to fund Musk's crazy Mars dreams and more.

    It's an usage mode that can be extended everywhere we can reach, all proportions kept. The Moon and Mars will relatively soon have their own versions of Starlink, with Internet access and GPS everywhere on their surfaces.

  5. SpaceX is going to make a good deal of money when they sell IPO Starlink. Best of all Starlink will have to contract with SpaceX for future launch services.

    I'd IPO when Starlink has more ISP subscribers than Comcast but they need to get up to a million new customers per month to approach them.

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