Tesla AI Day Part 2 – Simulation and Dojo AI Training Exaflop Pod

Part 2 of Tesla AI Day.

DOJO Training Computer – Exaflop Pod in 11 Cabinets

6 thoughts on “Tesla AI Day Part 2 – Simulation and Dojo AI Training Exaflop Pod”

  1. Taliban are poised to bring new advanced life-changing technologies to the world. Brian, why are you not covering this? You bigot!

  2. Three days already passed and Brian is still silent about the ignominious defeat of the USA in Afghanistan.
    Maduro still in power despite Brian told everybody that he would be gone in 2018.
    And Iran enriching at 60% despite Brian told everybody that Iran had been contained last year.
    Brian as a futurologist is worth less than my grandmother

    Just .. sayin!


  3. As this is implemented Tesla will generate a River of cash from both autonomous vehicles and humanoid robots with identical Tesla silicon and Dojo trained NN. Tesla robots will further automate it’s own production. Over time Tesla will invest more and more into this. More Exapods and 10X Exapods, expanding it’s lead. The tech will iteratively improve AND they’ll have more money to buy more of it.

  4. I love the fact that they are working on a next gen system that will have 10x the computing power and hopefully also 10x computing power per USD.

    Both the near term Dojo with 1.1 Exaflop (16bit) and the future Dojo with 11 Exaflop (?) will be extremely useful when training the self driving nets and the humanoid robot nets. As Elon pointed out, the progress is proportional to the frequency of iterations, i.e. proportional to the computing power.

    So, if Tesla has 10x the computing power for training neural nets compared to anyone else, they will progress 10x faster as well, regardless of the number of engineers working at the competitor.

    I wonder if Wallstreet will get this? Me thinketh not…

  5. Really impressive presentation. Love the technical solutions to Dojo.

    A word of caution, though. They claim to be 4 times cheaper per compute compared to buying the processing power and that Dojo will be assembled next year. So, can NVIDIA make their systems 4 times cheaper per compute in one years time?

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