Tesla GigaBerlin Will Have 1.5 Million Capacity

Tesla GigaBerlin will have 8 gigapresses which will enable the factory to produce up to 1.5 million Model Ys. Tesla Austin has similar initial capacity as Berlin.

This third quarter of 2021, Tesla Shanghai is surpassing the vehicle production of Fremont.

The Berlin and Austin factories are built with improvements from Tesla’s research. The Berlin and Austin factories could surpass the production of Shanghai by the end of 2022.

SOURCES- Sawyer Merritt
Written by Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com

9 thoughts on “Tesla GigaBerlin Will Have 1.5 Million Capacity”

  1. I thought all thinking at Tesla is automation. You should be able to switch the lights off at 5PM,arrive back at 9AM the next day, and find a line of car bodies waiting for you.

  2. Will Tesla get all the permitting done to start production at the Berlin factory this year, next year, or 2023?

  3. I thought it was extremely uncommon to work nights in Germany, but apparently that is not the case. About 9% of employees do it.

    But remember it took Tesla Shanghai about 9 months to go from 1 to 3 shifts. So perhaps a couple of years for Berlin?

    Furthermore, an increase in capacity might require new permits and even new public hearings…

  4. In what way is this a GIGA press? Measured in millinewtons?

    Giga is losing all meaning, like mega before it, to join turbo, nano, super and mini in the dustbin of previously useful prefixes.

  5. There's a chance the cybertruck will be a big seller in Europe. There are lots of farmers, tradesmen, and delivery people, and the cybertruck may be the low cost solution for them. They will tow a very large trailer, which is a big deal for contractors, and farmers.

  6. 8 Gigapresses would only be able to produce parts for 1.5 million cars if they are run around the clock. How likely is that in Germany with their union laws and the like?

    And if they have a single 8 hour shift and two giga presses up and running, that would result in an initial capacity of 125 000 cars….

  7. So each 2 Gigapress line is capable of 375,000 vehicles per year. What’s the next bottleneck in reaching that number? Probably 4680 cells, currently the reason no CyberTruck, Semi, Roadster.

    It does imply Tesla may stay on track for 50% per year growth without an imminent announcement of 4 new GF sites.

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