Tesla Overcoming 4680 Production Hell

Hyperchange channel Galileo Russell reports the production yield of Tesla 4680 cells has reportedly risen to about 70-80%, up from just about 20% last year. Tesla’s pilot battery line at Kato Road is starting to close in on the acceptable yields of factories like Giga Nevada.

Tesla is ramping battery output from its pilot line in California. Tesla is progressing on plan B with the 4680 cells’ delays. The production of the Model Y in Giga Berlin and Giga Texas will be launched with 2170 battery packs until 4680 cells are available.

The Cybertruck won’t begin deliveries until ~Q3 2022. Gali estimates Tesla is 6-12 months from producing the 4680 at scale.

The Tesla Model 3 had 6-9 months (delayed from December 2017 to June 2018) of delay ramping to consistent 5000 cars per week.

Tesla overcame the Model 3 production issues. Tesla is now in a better position to handle the battery delays. Tesla has suppliers for batteries.

4 thoughts on “Tesla Overcoming 4680 Production Hell”

  1. I said for years Tesla needed to increase the size of it's battery cells, to lower production costs, and make cell replacement possible. It does seem they will lower costs, but making battery packs cells replaceable seems to be a bridge too far.

  2. Elon, and those who back him, have the capital to overcome market barriers to entry, both natural, and government implemented. Most who have that sort of money don't have a physics/engineering background to know what is possible, and the risk tolerance necessary to start a car company, or a launch services company.

  3. I know words like "game changer", "insane", and "unbelievable" are thrown around a lot these days, but the new battery really will leave the other companies in the dust.
    If Elon doesn't like how batteries work, he re-invents them.
    If he doesn't like how electric motors work, he re-invents them.

    And he always finds a profit motive where nobody else saw one. There's a gross inefficiency of 80% that everyone just accepted all these years, so Elon comes up with a plan to remove the inefficiency and monetize his efforts. It doesn't get much better than that.

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