All Civilian SpaceX Inspiration 4 Was Successfully Launched

Inspiration 4 has successfully launched world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight to orbit. It launched from Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Approximately three days after liftoff, Dragon and the Inspiration4 crew will return to Earth and splash down at one of several possible landing sites off the Florida coast.

SOURCES – SpaceXCentric
Written by Brian Wang,

22 thoughts on “All Civilian SpaceX Inspiration 4 Was Successfully Launched”

  1. It is the cargo we need. People are light. Shuttle design flaw was to make large crewed cargo vehicle. Get only two of large, safe and cheap. At least, not quite yet!

  2. Yep, but that one will take a bit longer to happen, when they have confidence in Starship and start launching it full on orbital trips.

    For the moment, it will be Dragon the one taking people to space and back, and Dragon can accommodate up to 7 passengers.

  3. I've heard there is an area in the top, but not private w/o blanket, on Dragon. As to ISS, many stories. Even earlier, the stuff of legend.

  4. Not much reporting on this in the media today. Articles preceding launch were strangely mixed, many of which moaned about climate change or how much money the one astronaut has. It's as if the attitude is "ignore evil rich people and their lackeys doing rich people things" because clearly class warfare is being pushed everywhere and into everything.

    I don't reckon the chinese or the russians are this stupid though, I think they're playing close attention to everything. After all … a US company is doing tech stuff well beyond the capabilities of many, perhaps most nations. Too bad we in the US don't seem to know this.

  5. The next step, so far, is Dear Moon.

    This will probably have to wait until 2023, though, so we have a robust enough Starship to go around the Moon Apollo 8-style, even if the crew were to go up separately in Falcon 9/Crew Dragons.

  6. I wish there would be more about that.. I know it’s somewhat gross but I’m genuinely curious how one potties in space

  7. When these normal people report that the astronauts have been correct in their assessment that the important thing is helping Earth, that micr0g is sure fun, that experiments in micr0g are sure important, fun, revolutionary and cannot be done on planets(!), well, they don't *say* that, but it is clear, will Musk listen? Does Musk understand O'Neill? Has Musk read "The High Frontier"?

  8. That is Branson plan. He is further along than many realize. Bezos is longer term ISMRU, more robotic focus. Musk has semi rational Mars plan, if Mars is the destination. NASA is lost in Space. See Glenn lecture Wed for just how lost they are. The main graphic was of a steep canyon on Earth with a lake. The Moon was rising thru the narrow gap at the end of the canyon. Mars was the reflection of the Moon in the water. There was no place for Space in the drawing. Planets covered almost the whole thing. Even worse, what was said.

  9. Cool. But now I wonder: what's next?

    Seems to me launching an empty crew Starship to serve as a space station and destination would be a logical next step.

    It's big enough, and could serve as a destination and more solid justification for launching some people on Dragon, staying for several days in comfort.

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